No Carbs intended

(Warren ) #1

I’m fat adapted and have been for 6 months. I don’t have any issues eliminating carbs,to the point where I go many days only getting very little secondary carbs. Sometimes my fat intake gets to 80%, protein is 17%+. .
I wonder if I should intentionally ingest 10% carbs for better results? Is there anything wrong with such minimal carb intake?

(Danielle) #2

I’m pretty sure the “sciencey” people will agree… You do not need carbs - AT ALL! Literally, your body doesn’t need carbs for anything. Your body can make it’s own glucose (glycogenesis?) because there are some systems that use glucose. And all your other systems can use fat for energy. There are people doing Zero Carb January; and there are people who fast for days, weeks and months at a time. Have no fear… you don’t need carbs.


I’ve been hearing that it’s not actually the “carbs” causing the problem, it’s how the body handles those carbs and one known factor is how they raise insulin, which is inflammatory and higher levels lead to all sorts of problems.

Dr. Stephen Phinney recently commented that they can measure a substance in the blood that show if carbs are being stored as fat or being burned for energy which is the appropriate use and he estimates that only 10% of the population can eat carbs and burn them before causing problems, but he also didn’t comment on if their insulin levels rose while testing for the “fat storage” marker.

All that being said - there is no disease/disorder of carbohydrate deficiency and not even the biggest fans of low-fat, high-carb can point to anything to suggest it.

Bottom-line is that our bodies can make all the glucose they need from ingesting 0 carbohydrates on a daily basis and there is no need for them.

(Warren ) #4

Agreed on all points. My only other consideration is that I have success keeping my body off balance. Not knowing whats coming next. Fasting, illregular eating schedules, getting cold (shovelling snow),exercise (believe me, didn’t see that coming) and very lazy days. What if I gave it some massive carb hit and nothing else! I’d probably get sick… Might be an interesting test to see if my body stores it, or throws it up !! Thanks all for the comments.:grinning: