No appetite at all

(Uff ) #1

Hey guys, I gave myself some time to adapt to carnivore but I got a problem and hope you guys can perhaps help me out.
From what I read and listened to I understood that less appetite is a big plus of this diet, at first I was super exited. Waking up in the morning, going to work, not eating anything and not feeling hungry…so awesome. But I quickly realized I am full very quickly. Adding more fat to my meals like a big chunk of butter does not help either, I just feel full quicker that way.
This is getting worse instead of better. For example saturday I ate my last meal at 7p.m., got up the next day, went to the gym, walked the dog and still wasn’t hungry at 3 p.m.
I ate 2 sausages and a bit of beef but was SO full after that, later I ate 2 scrambled eggs with 4 slices of bacon. Full again. Just thinking about fat, meat, or eggs makes me uncomfortable.

I am on carnivore for 2 weeks now, but now I get energy drops. Which is no surprise because I perhaps eat 1200-2000 calories a day. For a dude that is like 1,92m/6’3ft tall that is not enough I guess. Normally I wouldn’t be so worried, but when I do not feel hunger the thought of all those fatty food disgusts me and makes me feel a bit sick. Even though if you’d ask anyone what meal I’d prefer to eat for the rest of my life they would say “steak. medium rare”.


Even though I usually have the opposite problem (or I don’t have any appetite but a huge hunger and that isn’t good but I finally eat enough), I had odd times myself… Not being hungry until 3pm is normal for me, it doesn’t make my energy intake low at all but when I get satiated too quickly, I do need MANY meals a day. It’s lucky I get hungry super quickly after a tiny meal then…
For some of us or sometimes, waiting until hunger isn’t a good advice. Often we are just fine without food but when we do try to eat, we inhale a decent amount.

It happens to me if I overdo fat. In the very beginning I couldn’t even handle my normal amount of fat without all the ballast! I just lowered my fat/protein ratio for a while. And even the same fat/protein ratio feels different in different foods. It’s understandable to some extent that so many people consider eggs not fatty despite they are quite so. It just doesn’t feel like fatty meat and even that is very different from something lean with a bunch of extra fat, yuck, I don’t like greasy things… I like naturally fatty things but even I have phases.

And I can’t avoid eating a lot of eggs every day or I couldn’t in the past…? Even when I had an egg aversion (as I tried to continue carnivore when I run out of meat :D), I had to eat 6 a day. Just because I couldn’t look at simple egg dishes, they were fine in some more creative ways, more tempting, different forms… Eggs are super versatile! But I usually had meat aversion/boredom from time to time. Variety helps.

Not everyone can. I had days when I truly couldn’t avoid undereating (me. oh my. it was so surreal. I used to be able to eat some more all the time, no matter what). I hate forcing things but once I tried and I just gagged and couldn’t do it. It is a thing.
And I often eat way before hunger and I don’t ever need any appetite either - unlike most people, apparently? At least on keto? But I need to be able to eat the food and while I am usually good at it… Not always. The first times were especially odd, my body was confused or something.

I couldn’t even eat a pound of meat for years but that’s another thing and it alone isn’t a problem. Well, for me. I am a short woman unlike the OP.


Why are you worried? If you don’t feel good or are very tired then yes, there’s an issue.

To be honest, you’ve literally described my situation as well. I’ve moved naturally on my low-carb journey from 3 meals a day to OMAD and in that one meal I feel full quickly. However, there are some days when I’ll get hungry a bit later in the day and will eat again. I listen to my body.
Don’t forget, meat, eggs and dairy are more nutritiously dense, so less does go further. Also as your body gets used to carnivore, it learns to digest that food more optimally compared to managing large amounts of carbs.
Sorry for the details here, but now that I eat essentially meat, I’ve noticed how infrequent and small stools have become compared to the quantity of what I eat. This can only mean that my body has become more efficient in absorbing the nutrients throughout the whole digestive process.
Moreover the fact when you’re not hungry and you feel disgusted by thinking about those fatty foods is normal. Your body is saying it doesn’t need anything.

A personal suggestion: I’d stop the energy drops. Based on what you’ve said, your body is now getting all the nutrition it needs. Plus it’s letting you know when it wants or doesn’t want that food through the presence or absence of disgust / nausea feeling.

Trust your body - it will let you know when it needs food.