Nina Teicholz on Tucker Carlson

(Dan Dan) #1

Short but sweet :smiley:

Fox News primetime has the largest news audience Congratulations to Nina :clap:

(Troy) #2

Given some more time, she was just about ready to go in to full “ fat “ mode …in a Good way too!:smile:
The Set up was there …ugh
Hopefully, the Tuck will bring Her back again


Well what do you know!

I’ve always liked Tucker, and now I like him even more.

It sounded like maybe he actually paid a little attention to her message, no?

Like the Prophets of the Old Testament, often truth falls on deaf ears… but sometimes not…


I really like Tucker, but he seemed like he was smirking at her the whole time. I’m glad she was on the program, but he could have been a little more interested in what she was saying.

(Dan Dan) #5

Tucker IMHO really took this serious based on his intro and promoting her book.

Tucker : “They followed the instructions but the instructions were wrong”

This is how it looks to be ‘Tucked’ and he was nice and pleasant and agreeable to her, I believe it was aimed at the ‘bogas science and the government being a pusher of bread’


(Sandra R. Case) #6

I watch Tucker often and I think he ran out of time. I believe these shows have a number of folks in the wings and hope to get to everyone but if some breaking news takes more time than expected, the last guest gets short shift. I was excited to see her scheduled, but sad that she had such little time to make her points. I hope it was enough to sell some more books. Love railing against BIG (pharma, agriculture, processed food etc.)

(Linda) #7

Nina, Taubes, Lustig and that guy named Andreas whose last name escapes me are my favorites.

(Casey Crisler) #8

Andreas Eenfeldt. I like him too. He seems to be a good guy.

(Casey Crisler) #9

Ugh. I hate these so-called interview shows. He had an amazing opportunity to let her really explain and defend her position but instead “we’re out of time.” How about booking her for a long segment and let her get into the “meat” of the subject? She has a helluva lot to say that’s interesting but I don’t think Tucker is obese so he probably isn’t interested in the subject. You’d think he’d at least be all over the bad gov’t advice angle. That seems to be along his lines.

(Linda) #10

He is sometimes scathingly sarcastic. I like that in a person.

(Brian) #11

Would have loved for that interview to have been a LOT longer. They only got past the introduction and then it was over. :frowning:


Tucker packs a lot into his shows. Very often the last guest gets a little shafted on time.

You can’t cuck the Tuck!