(Amy Grieve) #1

Hey guys just wanted to say preparing for my firat ever keto !! What’s your best advice u can give me ??

(Luke Jeffery) #2

Don’t be scared of fat or adding salt to your food.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

Short version:

Eat little or no carbs, moderate protein (enough to maintain lean body mass), and fat to satiety.

Longer version:

Update - This, too:

(Genevieve Biggs) #4

Don’t worrying about watching calories or ratios until you are adapted. Just eat food. Your body is probably starving for nutrients, which meat, dairy, and other keto fiids have plenty of.

(Jake P) #5

This WOE is counter intuitive to everything you have been taught about nutrition. Trust the information you get here and just go with it. It can seem wrong at first, but stick with it and the results are the proof it works.


Learn how to make chicken broth and drink it hot daily. It’s full of salty ’ gelatinous goodness’ that your body loves with every sip. When I gave some to my friend she said " it takes like roast chicken in a cup!" Welcome and good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Keep it simple. Don’t make yourself go hungry.

(Mark) #8

Uncured Bacon is your new best friend and Bacon’s best friend are pastured eggs a match made in heaven

(Guardian of the bacon) #9

I still miss a nice piece of home made wheat toast to sop up that yellow yumminess from a perfectly cooked over easy fried egg.

Not a lot…just a little I miss it.

(Jenn W) #10

Have a go to…
There will be times that you pull the “sugar brain” staring contest with the fridge door or cabinet door wide open saying… “foood”.
Have a go to Keto snack always on hand. When I first started it was pork rinds. I always had a bag ready for me to grab. My other is cheese and pepperoni… it can be a snack or a meal really… I love me my pepperoni!!

(Jenn W) #11

Don’t tell my kids but sometimes you just gotta lick the plate!!

Or use bacon to scrape that last bit of yum up!

(Guardian of the bacon) #12

Much to my wife’s dismay I always lick my plate.

(Jenn W) #13

I just ate my bacon and eggs…
my dog beat me to licking the plate…


Go through your cupboards and fridge and get rid of non keto foods. You WILL get cravings and be tempted to eat them. Don’t fool yourself…it will happen.

If you cannot get rid of the food (I.e. Someone else eats the food in the cupboards, too)…then come up with an alternative strategy…like a quarantine zone you will not reach into.