Newbie but 1 yr keto need help w vertigo

(Jack) #1

One year on keto allready. Not overweight, just aging and needed to clean out anything lurking in there…. and it was a revelation. The clock can be turned back.
But, recently developed a bad bout of Vertigo.
it really restricts one’s ability to function.
it’s dissapating slowly, My question is how to prevent it?

(KM) #2

Vertigo as we age is often due to calcium crystals in the inner ear which dislodge, floating around and creating dizziness. I don’t know if this can be prevented, but physical maneuvering of your head can shift them back where they belong. Try googling Epley maneuver. If your vertigo is due to this, you may be able to fix it almost instantly.

(Robin) #3

Vertigo may go along with various issues not affected by your keto diet.
My heart caused vertigo. Once I got that sorted out, the vertigo stopped.
So be sure to look outside your diet as well.
Vertigo is no fun!

(Polly) #4

I have a friend who is struggling with vertigo/dizziness at the moment.

She has tried the Employ manoeuvre a couple of times but with no success.

What was your heart issue, if you don’t mind me asking Robin? My friend is 77 and reasonably fit for her age.

(Robin) #5

I’m turning 70. Vertigo can go with so many things at our age. It can be not enough oxygen getting to the brain.
(I was also struggling with scary confusion.)
Discovered I’d had significant strokes that came from the heart. Learned I had incredibly thick blood. Put on a blood thinner, and I am back to normal for the most part. Memory will probably stay sketchy. But that’s more irritating for my family than me. Just happy to be here.

It took a neurologist and a cardiologist to put it all together.
Hope your friend has good docs!

(Jack) #6

In addition to the vertigo I have floaters in my right eye. a leaky heart valve was diagnosed about 14 yrs ago. I’m 70 now.
Thank you for the information shared.
Strokes are really scary, as a friend recently had a major one.
I feel that I should just continue with as best a diet as we can and keep up hydration and electrolytes.
I read on an old post that neck manipulation by an experienced physio therapist helped a lot.
Waiting for it to clear up feels like wasted time ….

(Jack) #7

no medication for me at 70 yet. plus I would only visit a doctor in real emergency.
allways felt dizzy when bending down and doubt my blood is thick as i allways bleed freely if i get cut.

(Polly) #8

Thank you so much. I am glad you found a solution to your conditions. I will suggest she is checked for thick blood and possibly strokes. She is in Australia and the doctors are seeing her regularly. Not sure how effective they are, but time will tell.



Almost impossible to say, Vertigo can be caused by a bunch of different things. Ear problems, certain meds, migraines can lead to it, then there’s the list of things that may cause them. If it’s recent and hasn’t been a problem in the past, can you identify anything that’s changed since then? Diet, Meds, Working out, bad sleep, stress, anything?

(Robin) #10

I’ve had a clump of floaters right in the middle of eye for years. And I also have a leaky valve, but was told it was no worse than most folks our age.
How about your blood pressure? Mine is low, around 90/60 and I believe that can be a factor too.
Sounds like you do not have thick blood. That’s good. Was amazed the first time my blood GUSHED into the lab tube. Wow!

I hope you get some answers. Dizziness and vertigo can make normal activities difficult.

(Geoffrey) #11

Met a fellow just yesterday that was 70 years old and was telling me that he had given up riding motorcycles because of vertigo. He’s now looking for a new bike because it turned out all he needed was a hearing aid.

(Robin) #12

La la la… I’m not listening, I can’t hear you.
I am in total and complete denial here.

(Edith) #13

I see you know about hydration and electrolytes, but just in case… I will get woozy every once in a while. If I test my blood pressure it will be quite low during those times, such as 90/50. When that happens I know I need to increase my salt and that helps bring my BP up, and the feeling goes away. This tends to happen more often as the weather warms up and we get into summer. Have you increased your activity level lately? Been outside in the warmer weather more, maybe working in the yard? If so, you may need a little extra sodium.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #14

Keto is not a miracle cure for everything, just a lot of things, lol!

Floaters are probably not going to improve on keto (though they might), and my experience is that we simply get better at ignoring them over time. The leaky heart valve might well improve on keto, depending on what caused it. And people have already talked about vertigo and possible causes. Do make sure to try the Epley manoeuvre, it works well, if a misplaced stone is your problem. Also get your blood pressure checked, because that can also cause vertigo.

As far as stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, motor-neuron diseases of many types, mental health problems, immune system problems, and inflammatory processes are concerned, a ketogenic diet can work wonders with them, especially if those conditions have not yet had the time to cause permanent damage.

There is even evidence to suggest that a ketogenic or zero-carb diet can greatly help with cancers of all types. Some people have completely eliminated cancers, others have shrunk them, others have held them in check. Several oncologists now use a ketogenic diet as an adjunct to chemotherapy or radiation and find that it helps both to control the cancer and to help the patient deal with the side effects of the front-line treatment.

The reason this diet is not widely prescribed by doctors is that it does nothing to enhance the annual bonuses of pharmaceutical company executives, among others. A good drug generates revenue that the companies are happy to share in the form of “marketing”: paid attendance at conferences in fancy loactions, and so forth. If the pharmaceutical company salesman comes and takes you out to a fancy lunch every so often, whom are you going to listen to?