New Zealand wants to tax cow burps

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Sadly, it turns out NZ is no wiser than the majority of the rest of the world which believes ruminant animal orifices are responsible for the bulk of the greenhouse gases currently effing with our climate.

Math is not that hard, people. If you peruse the colossal emissions from large corporations, then factor in the effortless and widespread carbon sequestering regenerative agriculture accomplishes, then compare how many ruminant animals each of those systems support, the bovines kinda speak for themselves.



when do burps and farts from people start being taxed?
probaby sooner than we think :100::joy:

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Peter Ballerstedt has actual figures about this. The methane emitted by ruminants is more than made up for by the amount of carbon sequestered by the grasslands they graze. On the other hand, the tractor fuel needed for ploughing a field, plus the petroleum required for making crop fertilisers, have a significant carbon footprint.


I say tax an elephant on a reserve against the wildlife conservation to keep that elephant on the planet and tax ‘everything’ that gives off methane or ? gas or ? smell or takes more resources to produce or ? all those herds of wildebeests and more antelopes and moutain goats and more. Come on here in full truth. Chickens make gas, millions more are actually produced then beef herds so? Chick turk houses and pork houses use way more resources in truth then a herd of cows out on a range???

we can’t win any of this. All being directed thru big agri and corp greed to direct their agenda and in the end, it is doing just that. don’t ever be fooled we are not being ‘led’…the world is being ‘led’ whether one agrees or not :slight_smile:

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I love Peter, I so want to have lunch with him and just listen to his stories. I was trying to find the right video of his but I love this one even more for its simplicity.

It starts at 17 seconds in and features a Canadian monocrop canola farmer and cattle rancher who lays out savagely and simply what it actually takes to produce all those plant based grain products people think will save the environment. I must have watched it twenty times, it’s so good.

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All too true, alas!

And as Peter also points out, the number of small mammals who are dispossessed or even killed in the process of tilling soil for a crop somehow gets left out of the moral equation. Many more animals die to allow us to eat tofu than die to give us steak. I guess we should refrain from eating entirely, since all food production involves the taking of lives.


Getting a grass-p on this is a good place to start.

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You’d think the dramatic reduction that resulted when most of the human race was locked down due to covid would show them something… after all, the cows were still farting and burping just as much!


wow that point I even forgot about. they said the pollution in cities plummeted and way more issues came into play, but you are so right. we learned nothing truly thru it all.