New Workout Routine

(Vladaar Malane) #1

I would categorize this as intermediate, but I still think of myself as a Novice in many areas of Calisthenics.

Day One
Uneven Pushup with basketball
Lean down and forward into a bar for body weight tricep presses
Pushups with hands half-way towards waist to use shoulders more
Diamond Pushups
Wide Pushups
At home with Parallettes or maybe a chair
Scapula pushups/ Scapula Hold
Front and Back Scales Drills -> learned about on GMB for improving my L-Sit
You can catch that here

Day 2
Cardio 30 to 40 minutes
At home with Parallettes
Parallettes step through
Parallettes swing
Parallettes planche lean hold works on the straight arm technique for full planche down the road.

Day 3
Pull ups
Australian pull ups
Bar Dips on Smith Machine
Front and Back Scales Drills

Day 4
Cardio 30 to 45 minutes
Parallettes L-Sit One knee at a time
Parallettes L-Sit Both knees at same time
Parallettes L-Sit One leg extended
[ Haven’t tried any of these yet and will like crash and burn hard when I do, but working towards doing a full L-Sit. ]

Day 5
High Frogger
Split Leg Kick up
Elevated Pike Push up
Handstand wall walk up and down
Handstand one foot on the wall to try to gain balance off wall
Front and back scales drill

Day 6
Squat Ankle roll back
Roll back with one leg off ground
One leg up push upwards
This leg work is progressions I also got from gmb website which through me for a loop in how he describes working on PISTOL squat from bottom position instead of top. See here.

Cardio 30 minutes - need to flush that lactic acid after working the legs hard
At home with parallettes Scapula pushups/hold

Day 7
Frog Raises
Mountain Climbers
Russian Twists
Plank Shoulder Taps/Plank Side point in air
Pull Ups
Straight Bridges
With Parallettes
L-Sit One Knee up at a time
L-Sit Both Knees up at same time
L-Sit One Leg extended out at time

(Togipeidia) #2

Looks like a solid workout I would follow it.