New to testing ketones and foods


(Kim) #1

Ok. I have my ketone meter. Want to make sure i read the directions on how to test a food correctly.

I tested after awakening. 0.3
I drank my coffee with stevia and half and half. Tested in 30 minutes 0.3
Tested in 1.5 hours 0.5
So the coffee is ok ? Because it didnt effect the numbers, right?

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You are at the start of an expensive rabbit hole. You can choose to enter, or choose to turn away.

(Queen of Weirdness ) #3

You might want to test your blood sugar, much cheaper and will still give you a view of what is going on. For instance I have learned that coffee spikes my blood sugar but apparently not everyone has that reaction. Also, the lower my BG, the higher my ketones. So I usually just test with the blood sugar strips.

(Kim) #4

My oldmeter for glucose is now discontinued. I had a relion ultima. Found this out when i needed more test strips. I onlt test when ithink its too low or high. So they last a long time. Needed a new one so i got the precision xtra which does both and bought only 10 for ketones.

Was asking if that is the correct way to test the food.

(Kim) #5

I was always wondering if the stevia or the half and half stalled me.

I really should not have half and half but , cant afford a lot of the heavy cream. Its 2x more money.

Only thing i will use the rest for is to see what kind of levels i am at when i feel euphoric. When they are gone they are gone. It was fun though to see that on a regular day i am at 1.7

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You could not buy the test strips (unless you need to test for a medical condition) and buy the cream instead, maybe?

(Kim) #7

Lol good point.
But i do need test strips for glucose if im going to fast. Maybe after a few,more weeks or,months i wont need them any more. But at least i have a meter if i need it.

(Allie) #8



Hmm, I’m a computer, physics, mathematics guy and I love to measure stuff … but that’s not a great idea for keto.

At 10 am one day I had 0.4 mM and thought I dropped out of ketosis, but same day at 10 pm it was 1.3mM.

I found some papers where they measured ketones every hour through out the day. It goes up and down, up and down (3 am was the highest, I think 10am was the lowest…)

So it’s like chasing shadows. Don’t bother.

Same as measuring weight, over a month it’s meaningful but day by day, it can be disappointing for no good reason.

I found my belt buckle notches were going down but the scales stayed the same for few days.

The best thing to measure is grams of carbs consumed that day. Nail that and you’re 90% there.

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(Kim) #11

Incase i feel like i need to worry about my bgl. They say its not real hunger and such. If im feeling worried i can check my blood glucose and be either confirmed that i am ok, or that i need to eat.

Low blood sugar isnt something to play with.

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But the question is why would you need to worry about it?

(Kim) #13

Well , in short, if i drop below 40 im not going to continue the fast and “push throught it” lol. Im going to eat so i dont pass out.

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But why do you need to test for this?


ack i just bought half and half today … my hwc expenses were getting out of control!

(Kim) #16

Because i cant tell the difference on my own. I have syptoms yes, and i take glucose levels and they say 70. But it feels like 40. So i have staed the course those days.

I have tested and it says 52 and 35. So i ate.

If i go by my body feels standards while attempting to fast i get to about 11 hours max.

If i want to use IF i will need to check. Reality vs whatever the hell my body says.

Anyways i guess i tested the food correctly. Mainly was wondering about stevia and the half cream.

I can cut them out eventually but seems too difficult at this point. I dont want to stress over it.

The keytone sticks were just to test that and to see what levels i am really running at.

Happy with those numbers and no more strips need to be used.

(Allie) #17

The thing is, if your blood sugar drops to a dangerous level (which is unlikely), you will feel the difference so if you feel fine, there’s no need to worry.

(Bob M) #18

We don’t know if she is diabetic or on drugs like metformin, so we can’t make this statement.

If you’re not diabetic or on drugs, you should feel the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). At that point, you can take a blood sugar test. I often have high(er) blood sugar when I think I have low blood sugar, but I typically measure much, much higher than you do.

As for ketones, they change much slower than blood sugar.

Personally, I love to test things (engineer), so I have over 1,500 samples of blood sugar and all three types (blood, breath, urine) of ketones. I’ve purchased a continuous glucose monitor using my own funds. I’ve had DEXA scans done. I’ve had multiple/many blood tests done. There is nothing wrong with testing and figuring out what your body is doing. It’s the analysis of this that can get to be a bear.

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If that’s the case, she’s determined to keep it a secret, we asked several times.

(Kim) #20

Guys relax. Lol.
I have been hypoglycemic since i was 17. Dont know if it is diabetes. No doctor has ever checked for that. I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia about 10 years ago. I am 40. I was never prescribed meds, just prescribed to take measurements. I just today got confirmation that hypoglycemia and insulin resistance are the same thing. So i have to go back over everything.

That aside. My blood sugar can go up to 168 old carb eating life and as low as 40. Usually i experienced symptoms around 110 old way of eating. Would be shaking and think the world was going to end at 70.

Have not had high readings on keto but have had as low as 35 keto.

The other day i pushed through on a fast, not a natural fast a planned fast. I did ok . would have liked to have a tester on me at work, but didnt. Seemed to be ok but was almost fainting around 22.5 hours. No other symptoms. Was starving the entire time. Got home tested keytones since the meter had come that day, was 2.4 glucose was 50 something. Maybe it was just electrolytes, but id rather have a piece of mind by being able to test the sugar levels, than worry i am going to die. Lol

Anyways feel like im being badgered here. I dont really need to explain to anyone why i need to test my levels. I just do.