New to Keto time to give up

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Thank you very much for the links to YouTube, I have already seen Dr Berry, but I have never seen Dr Boz, So I can only offer my sincere gratitude for pointing me in this direction.

I’m a pretty strong character, and if I decide to do something, I will, I’m just a little bit fed up with feeling unwell, and hopefully, it will pass about five weeks in, so not much longer to go, I thought, thank you for your words of encouragement it is truly appreciated



Either magnesium glycinate or citrate is fine. Magnesium citrate has more of a laxative effect. As I have a tendency to loose stools, I use the magnesium glycinate.

Good luck to you on your journey. I’ve been on keto for about 10 months. Weight loss was my first benefit. It started almost immediately. While my A1c level also took a large drop, it was still high. Only in the last two months has that dropped. I get tested next month and am hoping for a big improvement.

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Thank you Janet3

Good luck with your testing. I hope all goes well for you



To tack onto this part, if she’s gonna put you on anything, have her put you on Semaglutide, it’s what Wegovy and Ozempic are, I put myself on it because it’s a pretty decent appetite suppressant, which I need in a huge way. After a couple weeks it hit me that my fasting BG is probably better, While I maintain a 4.8-5.2 A1C even after switching to TKD/CKD and having more carbs in there, my fasting numbers are always around 110-125 or so, I checked for a couple of days and was getting low 80’s and even high 70s! Crap works! I haven’t looked too deep because I wanted it for appetite, but it somehow makes the Insulin in your system work better somehow, usually I’m really anal with knowing the mechanism of how things work, but I just wanted the appetite to be turned down… WORKED! My fasting numbers are a nice perk, good A1C’s or not.

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Everybody is going to think I’m strange. Still, I have had every type of injectable medication. They do not work. The reason they do not work is I suffer from multiple. Angiolipomas, I must have around 500 in my chest, arms, abdomen and lower thighs, hence the reason for putting me onto more potent insulin. Due to the lumps under my skin, it would seem that I am not injecting into the fat tissue in my abdomen but rather the lumps.

I have had injectable Victoza. Trulicity, Seneglutide, and none of them have worked, I am taking 68 units of Abasaglar in the evening, and if I need anything more, I take Novorapid s and when needed.

At my appointment last week, it was suggested that I would be given the new Semaglutide oral tablet rather than having semaglutide via injection. I am just waiting for the consultant to liaise with the dermatologist to find out why I am not absorbing insulin.

I don’t think any of these medications will reduce my appetite, as I have a pretty poor appetite to start with, although I am willing to give it a go. Also, my HbA1c has gone from 6.4 to 8.1 in the last three months.


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I was having an awful time with Keto Flu, was really holding me back. Recently upped my salt a bit and got some KETO K1000 (Potassium/Magnesium).

Keto Flu symptoms has improved drastically.

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Ah, The holy trinity