New to Keto time to give up

(Robin) #21

I understand. I lost my appetite for a while while keto. Lack of craving from lack of carbs. So for a while I didn’t eat unless actively hungry. And guess what… I gained weight. My body held on to it… not surprising after so many years of my yo-yo dieting. So I made myself eat and get enough calories. If you start restricting calories, you can restrict weight loss. Counter intuitive to us, I know. But true.

(David ) #22


It seems you have hit the nail on the head. Weigh-in day for me today, and I have gained 1kg how. I do not know why.

I do not think I can eat in the Morning because I feel too sick with these headaches, I can and will drink butter coffees until I start to feel a bit better, but at the moment, food is out of the question


(Allie) #23

David try adding a pinch of salt to those coffees, just a tiny bit at first. Takes some getting used to but now I can’t drink coffee without it.

Also blending a raw egg into coffee is surprisingly good and get a bit of nutrition into you too.

(David ) #24

I will give it a try thank you



You don’t need to eat in the morning. I never do it as it’s horrible for me (and I overeat easily if I start eating at 3pm anyway).

As it already was said, eating too little is bad, no matter if you ever feel hungry or not.
Drinking calories is usually pretty easy (I have the same with very soft things like sour cream or whipped cream, probably it’s true for many… and some items are just tempting enough to help if we need more food), eating without hunger is a thing too… I can’t possibly know how much food you need and if more (likely), it’s only lack of calories or you need more protein or micronutrients too.

I did this a lot, now I try to quit coffee but I still do it without the coffee itself, it’s called egg milk. Very useful if I fancy some warm liquid dessert or need some more nutrients but solid food just aren’t possible. Sometimes it’s only the yolk. Some dairy (if I have no cream or milk as normal, a little butter is okay too) enhances the flavor…

(David ) #26

I have just tried Coffee with egg and butter, and I’m pretty surprised at the test. I think it is something I wouldn’t have any problems continuing with.

At the moment, I’m probably not eating enough, but it’s hard to eat when you’re not actually but. So, I will give it a go, and thankfully, today, my headaches seem to be pretty low grade, so hopefully, they may be going away.


(Allie) #27

If you can increase calories just gradually by 100 a week it’ll help you speed your metabolism up a bit and kickstart fat loss.

(David ) #28


I will do my absolute best thank you for the advice.


(Troy John) #29

I too wanted to give up but far out at month 6 because, like you, I had all kinds of things happening. The fatigue was awful and the feeling of being unwell was horrendous. But then, I reached a point where I had gained balance and the folks on this forum were a great help. I think the huge point to take away from the replies here is electrolytes. You must find the best combination that works for you. I take mag citrate, potassium and sodium in amounts that work for me. But as I mentioned, it took 6 months to get to a place where I wanted to continue my keto journey. Dont give up, not yet. I wish you well.

(David ) #30


Thank you for the response in the words of encouragement. I will not give up just at the moment. Still, in reference to your suggestion and everybody else’s electrolytes, I recently had some blood tests and the results of coming today for another condition, and my electrolytes are perfectly fine. The only thing I have is a high BUN level and nothing else apart from high HbA1c


Blood tests tell you nothing about subtle electrolyte imbalance. As a physician once said to me, your body will do absolutely anything to keep blood levels within a narrow range. It will pull minerals out of bone and other tissues. The only thing blood electrolyte levels indicate is whether you have an emergency situation that probably requires hospitalization.

(Edith) #32

Agreed! It is way better to go by how you feel where electrolytes are concerned.

(Allie) #33

This is what I’ve heard too, as it’s believed to be the cause of osteoporosis and other bone weakening conditions. Blood measurements will always read OK because the body keeps them that way, at the expense of other critical organs and structures.

(David ) #34

Good Morning

Thank you very much for the enlightenment. I didn’t realise that blood tests were just an indicator; I thought they were absolute. My GPs and nurses always told me that I should not let my levels go out of range. That’s why I am looking at my recent tests. I thought my electrolytes were okay.

I have been taking more salt. I have also been taking carbohydrates, free electrolyte powder my headaches have returned, I now have abdominal pain, and my blood sugars have increased to a reading of 12.9 mmol this morning at 9:30 AM.

I have also had an appointment made by my GP practice because my blood pressure is ridiculously high. Both of these numbers in the last six weeks have increased even though I have what I consider a very low-carb diet; I’m puzzled. Although I am losing weight and my blood ketone levels are at 1.7 with my ketone meter



Hi David,

I usually have low blood pressure but it is in the high range when I don’t get adequate sleep. Are you getting proper sleep yet?

(David ) #36

Hello Victoria

Probably not. I get between four and six hours per night, but I don’t feel tired during the day, so it must be adequate. I only feel fatigued. I have a recognised sleep disorder. I also suffer from sleep apnoea


(Edith) #37

Do you use a CPAP? Some of your symptoms are consistent with untreated sleep apnea.

(Robin) #38

I have learned a lot form this conversation
Thanks, @Wendy198 @VirginiaEdie @Shortstuff

(David ) #39


Yes, I do, and I have done it for about ten years, and the sleep clinic is happy with my machine data. However, I suffer from severe bruxism, and I have just been to the dentist this morning. I have been referred to the hospital dental team because I have severely worn my teeth, and it looks like I need treatment from a hospital specialist.

The dentist told me this morning that I may need muscle relaxants or Botox injected into my jaw joints as he cannot do anything for me. I have had many night splints made, but unfortunately, my bruxism makes me bite straight through them, and they don’t last very long. this is probably making may have unrefreshing sleep



Hi David. I’m glad you are sticking with Keto! Your body is detoxing and learning how to use fat for fuel instead of storing it. It can feel pretty awful for some of us when we make the transition, but it gets better. Electrolyte supplements are good at the beginning for sure!

While it feels backward, the fatty coffee and fatty meat helps your body make the transition. Meat has more nutrition than the high carb foods we used to eat. Your brain and body - your whole body - will adjust and begin to heal. But you have to eat enough.

Anyway, I cheer your pushing through this transition and learning what your body needs for health!

I don’t know if you like YouTube or not, but Dr. Berry has some great videos (for Keto and/or Carnivore) and so does Dr. Boz. (mostly Keto). They both approach keto from different angles, but are both very informative.