New to Keto need Good snack recipes

(Carl Keller) #6

If weight loss is your goal, you will want to avoid snacking so that your insulin levels stay low and you stay in fat burning mode longer. However, I leaned on pork rinds, boiled eggs and almonds my first two weeks of keto. I believe if a low carb snack saves you from carb relapse, it’s worth it.

After my second week, the cravings and hunger were easy to manage and I no longer had to use snacks as a crutch.

(bulkbiker) #7

Personally I’d say don’t snack and avoid bread type foods.
Far easier to just eat single ingredient foods. Use keto as a way of cleaning up your dietary habits.

(Sexy) #8

Thanks very encouraging

(Sexy) #9

Thanks. I have pork grinds unsalted cashews. I was looking into dark chocolate. This is really tough for me. I’m trying keep carbs at 20 or lower.

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Ok but I saw these keto pancakes made with coconut flour and I fell in low. Hopeless carb lover…

(John) #11

When I first started, I made sure to have keto-safe snacks on hand. Pre-measured servings of walnuts or pecans in plastic bags. Two of the little Babybel cheeses. Tins of sardines and anchovies. 100% chocolate broken into individual serving sizes in their own plastic bags. Or some salami or luncheon meat slices.

If I had to eat something between meals, I would go for one of those. Or if possible, water, or tea, or black coffee. I have to be DAMNed hungry to just eat anchovies straight out of the can, by the way. Sardines, on the other hand, are great.

After a while, I never needed to take the snacks with me to work. Whatever I had made for lunch was good enough. And later, it was no big deal if I forgot to make lunch - I could go from breakfast to dinner without eating.

I made some of the keto bread from the recipe on It turned out OK, and was ok when toasted and buttered, but in general I’d rather just skip bread rather than trying to replace it. It wasn’t some great taste sensation, but edible, so why deal with that? I made like 6 rolls, ate 4, threw the others out, never made it again.

(bulkbiker) #12

In hthat case even more reason to cut the damn things out until you have got into recovery from your addiction… you know it makes sense really… :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sexy) #13

I’ll try the salt water. I feel like retraining my mind and body.

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Wow interesting. Hi my name is Sexy and I’m a carb addict. It feels like my first Carb Anonymous meeting :rofl:

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I will take your advice into consideration. Going to restaurants is challenging especially with friends. How will I cope?

(John) #16

In my case, I don’t have friends or co-workers that I go eat with regularly, so problem solved. If I did, I would order what I wanted to from the menu and eat that. When I have dined with co-workers before during business travel, I can always find something on restaurant menus that I can eat.

Salads, meats/fish/poultry/seafood, eggs, cheese in moderation, most above-ground vegetables. That’s what you can eat on this diet. Substitutions are usually available for anything that comes with a carby side. Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, greens, green beans, even cole slaw.

Salad comes with croutons? Pick around them, or ask the server to leave it off. Ask for fattier dressings like blue cheese, on the side. Add as much or as little as you want.

If I could afford to eat out all the time, this would be the easiest diet to follow, ever.

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This is applicable:

I’d add that going to restaurants is no longer an issue. As @JohnH mentions, you eat what you want to eat and not what you don’t. No one is going to hold your mouth open and stuff potato salad or Hawaiian pizza down your throat.

(Carl Keller) #18

What’s worked for me were meals featuring a fatty protein (pork or beef roast, ribs, steak, chicken thighs etc) and adding a cup or two of buttered vegetables. I find eating like this easy to shop for, easy to prep, delicious and satiating.

Just keep eating the right things and your hunger hormones will start behaving how they are supposed to. It gets a whole lot easier.

(Ashley) #19

You saved me today! I don’t know why I wanted something sweet so bad (something I really don’t want usually) and I saw your root beer and hwc! I tried it, hit the spot! I only had half a can of diet root beer and a bit of hwc and it’s all I needed!


IMO, I would try and avoid snacks, you don’t need them. If youre hungry, ask yourself if you’ve had enough to eat, are you bored and/or have you had enough water+electrolytes. Snacking and replacement foods really do mess with our satiety signals and maybe avoid all of this until you figure things out.

(Monique) #21

Snacks are absolutely FINE if you’re a newbie and you’re just starting out. A lot of people start out needing them (or feeling like they need them) but as the weeks progress the need, real or perceived, drops off and before you know it you’re totally ok skipping breakfast and eating only two, or even one, meal/s a day.

Just make sure when you eat, your hunger, not your boredom (or habit) is driving it. Those who have commented against snacking are correct, it does unnecessarily raise your insulin which is counter productive to the goal of a ketogenic diet. However if you need to use snacking as a crutch to stay keto early on in your journey then that is A ok too- you won’t need it forever.

(Alec) #22

That’s exactly what it is. The more you think of carbs as an addictive substance to be avoided at all costs, the sooner keto will work for you. :+1:

(Fast Freddy) #23

The idea behind going Keto is to NOT snack as often or at all.

You need to eat when hungry and until full and not snack in between - this is why Keto and IF go hand in hand. They work very well together because generally speaking one feels very satisfied if they Keto correctly.

I fast all day and eat OMAD - feels awesome not to snack at all or eat during the day and come home to a Keto feast :slight_smile:

(Ethan) #24

Many start the way the OP @Sexy . They want to eat as closely as possible to the old carb-heavy ways. Snacks and low-carb substitutes work well to bridge the gap to fat adaption. What determines success is whether the way of eating changes entirely to no longer need those snacks or low-carb substitutes.

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Ok thanks