New to Keto Diet

(TJ Borden) #59

So that could be interpreted as meaning: elevated glucose could be a sign of one’s brain not using its available energy because it’s not being used?

Wait…don’t answer that…my glucose is still elevated

(Lonnie Hedley) #60

I eat the same thing every day. I forgot my 6 hard boiled eggs at home or forgot to make them. So when I got home from work I was starving. Nothing to do with feeling good enough to skip lunch.

(shane ) #61

If you really believe 20 calories is anymore than a drop in a bucket that would actually sway a pound of weight gain or loss you are mistaken. You do NOT have to be 99. anything percent accurate to lose weight using calorie restriction.

Whoever sold you that is either wrong or you have greatly misunderstood what they are saying. Or you haven’t actually followed calorie restriction for long enough to realize that your calorie needs and intake can fluctuate from day to day and that some days you do go over them and it will have very little impact on the scale the following day.

I intentionally restrict calories. I also eat when I am hungry and that even means at times I am over my calories that I am supposed to eat for the day.

Guess what, I still lose weight at a steady state. I also have a VERY good understanding of my nutrition as well as how adjustments impact my goal at the time.

Things that are not measured are hard to improve/adjust on the fly when they stop working.

(shane ) #62

“Metabolic healing.” Talk about making things difficult to understand for newbies. How is this measured?

When are the newbies “healed” so the weight loss and all the good things start happening?


Yes, this is what I was thinking of. I don’t remember where I read it. It doesn’t apply to me, that’s for sure - still a lot of BG fluctuations here. :slight_smile:

Sweeteners - your experience?
(Take time to stop and eat the bacon) #64

Metabolic healing is measured by your blood work, in particular the percentage of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), your fasting glucose and insulin, and your ratio of triglycerides to HDL-C. Your blood pressure generally comes down, as well as your pulse rate. A Dexa scan will also show that visceral fat has been eliminated (fat in your abdominal organs, which is the most dangerous place to have it, is apparently also the first to be metabolized when you start healing).

Of course, weight loss and/or body recomposition are the most visible and most easily-measured signs.

Improvements can start almost immediately, the return to metabolic health is an ongoing process.

(shane ) #65

This is what you said in regards to me saying that he would have a hard time proving that fasting and not caloric restriction would be to blame for the weight loss.

Fasting is great, however, it shows no additional weight loss over a period of time over someone doing calorie restriction when calories consumed remain the same. If you can show me a study that proves that, go ahead.

(shane ) #66

Matt and Megha are not scientist, they do however bring up some great points in this video.

One of which is something we are arguing in here. For the girl who started this thread, it is worth the watch.

Keeping it simple, including tracking of calories, takes the guess work and “magic” out of this. Let the people who are romanticizing about keto keep their ideologies. Science proves that caloric restriction is to blame for weight loss. Keto helps make it easy.

(TJ Borden) #67



And a caloric deficit IS needed for weight loss. But that happens naturally through a ketogenic/fat adapted way of eating. No counting/tracking required.

(shane ) #68

You said this to her immediately.

For me, and apparently for the OP, counting cals is the BASICS.

Stop running around and telling people to stop doing what works!

(TJ Borden) #69

I said stop counting. I never said calories don’t matter. In fact I said quite the opposite.

Oxygen matters also. But I don’t monitor what I take in

(shane ) #70

So what about all the posters in here that are constantly confused about why they are not losing weight. Weeks and for some months at a time with no weight loss.

What is wrong with their satiation or hunger signals?

(TJ Borden) #71

They aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong. Despite your previous claim, weight loss is not linear.

In addition, the primary effect of the ketogenic way of eating is the body healing itself. Weight-loss is a side effect of the metabolism beginning to work correctly.

Since so many people lose several pounds within the first couple weeks, it has unfortunately been misunderstood as a quick fix weight-loss diet. It’s not, it’s a lifestyle.

(shane ) #72

Its not perfectly linear, but it should definitely trend in the direction you are hoping it should go. Whether that be eating in excess to add muscle, or in a deficit for weight loss.

Your assumption is that everyone should be able to “feel” and have no need for self control for weight loss and satiation should control all of this.

I don’t believe that. I especially don’t believe you can say that about everyone.

Caloric restriction will cause weight loss and if you are losing weight it IS part of the process. That is true for everyone.

(Ashlea Terry) #73

I quit the diet because there is too much arguing on the comments! I got mixed signals and it didn’t help me at all! I hated to even read the comments on my post because I knew it was people arguing! I think that it would be beneficial for people to help new people, not scare them away with competing views! I just wish that this would have been more helpful for me!

(TJ Borden) #74

You seem to assign a lot of thoughts and/or statements to me that I never said. I don’t know if you’re just not paying attention, or if you fee the need to put words in my mouth to try to defend your narrative.

I never said that…

The point is to keep it simple and adjust as needed.

(TJ Borden) #75

I’m sorry you decided not to stick it out. If you want to learn more about it, I’d encourage you to check out the 2ketodudes podcast.

(Ellie) #76

Please don’t let a couple of people getting carried away put you off a whole way of eating.
It is best to keep it simple at the beginning. Check out the dietdoctor website and the 2ketodudes podcasts for clear information on how to start out. Later you might even find yourself getting passionate enough about this way of eating to have a heated discussion about it! :grin:

(Doug) #77

I hope you reconsider, Ashlea. The science behind very low-carbohydrate eating is very solid. For those of us who have gained weight over the years, who have metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or diabetes, it’s almost always the best thing. “Less than 20 grams of carbs” - that’s a huge part of it that you got right away.

(shane ) #78

Us arguing has become little to do with just you Aleisha, it is more out of principal at this point. And it is 2 guys arguing. If that is going to offset you sticking to a way of eating that will work for you, than I am sorry to be a reason you would stop.

My point to all of this was that you had your calories figured, and you had questions on your macros and some guy told you to stop doing what you were doing.

Myfitnesspal has a keto forum/group that supports calorie counting along with keto and it is working very well for the people there.

If you have more questions regarding keto where you track what you eat, you can go join there and see what people who use keto with calories and macros.