New Study Finds Cannabis Reduces Chance of Obesity and Diabetes

(Lee Jones) #1

Pass it along now :joy:

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #2

Are pot brownies keto? (He asked innocently.)


What about the munchies?

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #4

Pork rinds and cream cheese

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #5

Also, of 4000+ participants, they found it true for 77 people.

(Andrew Anderson) #6

Since THC is fat soluble infused Kerrygold or MCT oil would work. Best BPC or Fatbombs ever!

(Becky) #7

I’ve “heard” you make your Keto meal first, complete with olives and sunflower seeds and still complete the evening with intact macros! Lol!

(Retta Stephenson) #8

@Wishbone, Rumor has it that just any old strain won’t do. Most WILL give the munchies. But there are some with high THCV, such as Durban Poison or Pink Kush, that work like an appetite suppressant. Hard to find, being so popular and snatched up fast. Or so the rumor goes… :wink: