New Keto Diet - Keto blood limit?

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I’m new here so hello!

Ive been doing Keto for a couple of weeks and im not diabetic.
My Keto bloods just hit 3.5 , is that ok or should i be worried about ketoacidosis ?

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OK? Yes. Worried? No.

PS: post an avatar without the silly mask.

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Hello, Andrew, and welcome! I think the mask is fine. This is what we look like nowadays!

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I’ve been doing keto for 5 months, have yet to check for ketosis. I just stay the course and trust the scales, my clothes, and how I feel… all of which have improved significantly. You got this!

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Hey, tit for tat… post an avatar without the goofy helmet. (Sorry, sarcasm is my strong suit.)

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That’s solidly in the range of nutritional ketosis. Way below the ketoacidosis range (which only really starts in the double digits 10+ mmol/L.)

Unless you’re Type 1 diabetic there’s “never” a reason to worry about ketoacidosis.

I put “never” in quotes because there might be some obscure medical condition that induces it. Allowing that I’m not an MD, and this isn’t medical advice: as far as I’ve read, you can’t induce KA through diet and/or fasting alone.

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Diabetic ketoacidosis is not a concern for anyone with a functioning pancreas. Diagnostically, doctors start to be concerned when serum β-hydroxybutyrate reaches 10.0, but as Dr. Stephen Phinney notes, symptoms don’t become apparent until around 20.0. Diabetic ketoacidosis is also accompanied by hyperglycaemia.

There is a condition called “euglycaemic ketoacidosis,” which only occurs under specific, unusual conditions, If you were at risk for it, you would know.


Love your mask.

You are fine. You are in the nutritional ketosis level, no where near ketoacidosis level, that mostly happens with T1D, not T2D anyway…