New jeans

(David Russell) #1

I bought my first pair of new jeans since starting Keto 4 months ago. I desperately need to buy a pair.

My brother called me MC Hammer the other day because my pants are so baggy. Being on Keto, i had the energy to do the dance too. I have to admit that i could feel how badly they looked on me.

I’m down to a 38" waist from a 42"…super happy. :slight_smile:

(Mark) #2

Had to buy some jeans myself the belt just wasn’t working as well ,keep up the good work hammertime

(johnp71) #3

Right there with you! I was busting out of my 40" jeans a few months ago and now down to 36". It’s an awesome feeling isn’t it??!!

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #4

I went from a 46" to 36" in 7months and I must say it feels great!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #5


The other day I pulled a size Large shirt out of my closet, and was reminded of why I don’t wear those any more. Was like trying to wear a tent. Feels great to get rid of old clothes that don’t fit any more.