New here.......Thank you!

(Nick) #1

Hey guys, new to the form but I have been lurking for a while on FB. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info everyone is sharing.

today marks day 4 of keto…been feeling pretty good so far!

Made a fat head pizza last night and i am blown away on how good and filling it was! Only problem is not eating these every day!!!

(Scott Shillady) #2

Welcome, and Why not eat them everyday. if that’s your jam go for it. I eat bacon and brie nearly everyday

(Michelle) #3

Welcome!!! I find this forum so beneficial. I lurk here all day… (don’t tell my boss).

(Jessica K) #4

Welcome!!! Sounds like you are experiencing a great start :slight_smile:

(Will Madams) #5

We share a keto start day! Great work! Just enjoying a high fat coffee before work, looking forward to hearing your process in the future

(Nick) #6

Great to hear! Lets keep each other on point!!! I am pretty sure this makes us keto best friends now!!!

(Stephanie Hanson) #7

Welcome!!! I make the Carlshead pizza in personal sizes now. I can easily over eat it. Sooo good.