New here and 3 weeks in ketosis

(Carrie ) #1

Hi all. New to this forum and new to keto. I started on Dec 28th and was in ketosis within 2 days. I have no major health issues (and want to keep it that way) just wanted to feel better and lose 30 pounds. I’ve lost 9 of those 30 so far. I have experienced a wide range of symptoms with my body adapting to this new way of eating. I’ve had a few headaches, night sweats (the first week), and nausea on and off. I found that drinking more water and taking Himalayan salt crystals fixed that. I usually have dry mouth in the mornings no matter how much water I drink. I will say I feel better overall and I’m excited to see the results of how I feel after 6 months…a year…etc. just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know this forum has already been extremely helpful! Oh and I forgot to mention I’m killing my husband with my breath! :joy::woman_facepalming:

(Susan) #2

Welcome to the forum, Carrie =).

Congrats on your progress so far you seem to be doing well and are on track, so that is awesome.

If you have any questions, please ask away, and best wishes on your continued Keto journey =).

(Marianne) #3

The good thing is, it gets better - at least it did for me after about a month. I don’t feel I have keto breath anymore.

Congratulations on your progress.

(Jane) #4

Welcome to the forum!

I started out wanting to lose 30 lbs. The first 20 came off pretty steady. Then I stalled for a couple of months. I had never tried fasting so I gave it s try. It broke my stall and I slowly lost the last 10.

I thought I was done… but I wasn’t. I continued to fast at least once a month for health and my weight gradually drifted down another 10 lbs for a total of 40.

I am 2 years on keto and the first 30 took a year and the last 10 was in year 2 without really trying.

Good luck!

(Scott) #5

This is me too. I don’t even think about being without my Hydro-Flask at night or on the go. I use just ice water at night by the bed. In the morning I add magnesium citrate and a couple of vitamin D3 drops and take it to work.