New DXA Scan Shows Gain in Fat

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Yeah, sorry. Thought I had addressed that to him…

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My doctor indicated that these aren’t terrifically accurate. If you’ve been following the protocol it might be that the machine is not completely accurate. Most importantly how do you feel how do you look?


@Keto6468 I definitely felt better the first few months. I still have a lot more energy than I did pre-Keto and I think my focus is better. I know I’ve lost inches, mostly on top, just how my clothes fit.
But I do feel like like There is no change in the belly area when naked.

However, I have had a lot of positives happen that I can see in my blood work and things like my Eczema clearing up about 80%. So somethings working. But I really want to drop 20 lbs!!!

I have a pretty sedentary job, with long hours. There are days I don’t see outside other than going to/from parking lot or looking out my window! Definitely need to up the exercise. The only thing I do regularly is one session of Super-Slow per week.

I’m just frustrated because there are a lot of younger people at work that have been doing less stringent Keto and the weight drops off. Even my CEO had dropped a ton of weight and inches even though he cheats all the time!

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I think $500.00 USD. Looks like 2020.

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Not strictly carnivore. Just nutritional ketosis, with the caveat of not wanting to get kicked out of ketosis by accidentally eating too many carbs.

One of the side effects of eating low carb is insulin resistance (IR). Not the same as the insulin resistance(IR) that gave me diabetes. That was a pathological (IR). Being low carb long enough leads to a physiology response of (IR). Essentially having such a low blood sugar that the body knows it needs to spare it out to only the essential tissues that can only use glucose for fuel dont get starved. The only thing I know of that fits that is our red blood cells. They have no mitochondria to make use of ketones, pretty much everything else does. I have had my BG level as low as about 55 more than once for at least an entire day. With no ill effects. Felt pretty good in fact.

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Welcome to ladies of a certain age. My eczema completely cleared. My gout is gone. I lost pounds, but not like a young person, and nothing like a dude.

You are doing well and have great things to show for it.

I also need to refocus. Will start ADF again soon.

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Was wondering did your scan include a visceral fat number?


@atomicspacebunny Yes it does. It went from 2.61 to 2.75.

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Some suggestions and ideas that may make your ketogenic diet more beneficial and see better future results:

You may just need to stay on the ketogenic longer to see better results but it could also be a choline deficiency as one of many factors (e.g. intramyocellular and intrahepatic micro lipid/triglyceride accumulation; skeletal muscle resistants therapy). More eggs and liver in the diet and the ability to absorb choline at different times rather trying than trying get it all in one meal then forgetting about it.

Interesting VAT Charts:

image link

image link

image link

image image link


[1] The Sweet Truth About Liver and Egg Yolks — Choline Matters More to Fatty Liver Than Sugar, Alcohol, or Fat

[2] #46 – Chris Masterjohn, Ph.D.: Navigating the many pathways to health and disease – NAD and sirtuins, methylation, MTHFR and COMT, choline deficiency and NAFLD, TMAO, creatine and more

[3] ibid. notes about the above citation

[4] The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk

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Things to try:

  • Increase protein
  • Reduce protein
  • Increase fat
  • Reduce fat
  • Get even more militant on the carbs
  • Become less militant on the carbs (because being militant on food could raise cortisol which is obesigenic)
  • Exercise more
  • Exercise less

Do you really need the BPC?

Widen out your window if you can?


Thanks everyone for the insights and advice - am trying to shorten my eating window although I’m home from work for two weeks for the holiday and it’s hard when I’m not stressed out and crazed!

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Cut the oils and empty fat calories and things will turn around pretty quickly. Focus on protein to retain muscle while burning your own bodyfat for fuel.

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Are you serious?

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I have see the same effect. I could see it start around 3 month in keto and peaked and leveled at 8 months. I think that’s where I became fully adapted. I’m 2.4 years keto now and have never been healthier.

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A LOT of variables contribute to visceral fat, and the variable that promotes visceral leanness in person A may promote visceral fatness in B.


Not really, just gotta start tracking everything and not just carbs! Don’t needlessly add fat to things, doesn’t seem your protein intake is adequate from the description and since your scan shows your overall body mass is near identical what you’ve done is burned off muscle and replaced it with fat! Have you had better results or any newer scans since Dec?

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Well, you need to stop spewing nonesense then. The only thing to try is to count calories accurately, and if not losing weight in a deficit: try to exercise more to increase metabolism

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Cool down @steka

In your opinion a calorie defecit is necessary for reliable and mainatainable weightloss. Most of the people on this forum will not agree with your opinion because in their n=1 experiments they have found that caloric defecit in itself leads to short term “loss” followed by medium to longterm “re-gain and some” with a slowed metabolism to show for their efforts. Any caloric defecit needs to be incidental to a food intake which satisfies. Counting calories would lead me to make poor choices.

To accuse someone else of spewing nonsense is just plain rude so please treat other members with the sort of courtesy which you would like shown to yourself.