"new" clothes

(Susan) #1

this is week 10 I think, started keto in mid-June. Finding lots of clothes I’d been hanging on to that now fit or will soon thanks to this woe…including 2 “Life is Good” T-shirts a friend got me for Christmas & my birthday. Had forgotten about them and am so happy they fit. Going to donate my items that are now just too big to wear comfortably (is that really possible?) to charity with a smile, except for a pair of shorts that have helped me during the days that the scale doesn’t move; helps me not get discouraged. With roughly 100 pounds left to go, look forward to see how they “fit” next year! KCKO for real.

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #2

Yay, Sue! Congratulations. :+1:


Its always fun shopping in your own closet.

I have actual new clothes.

I had bought a bunch before leaving for vacation last summer and most did not fit. I never returned them as I should have. Fortunately they fit this summer. Who knows about next summer

(Linda Culbreth) #4

Susan -awesome! Yes, you need to keep the largest size you’ve got - it works when the scale doesn’t!


Way to go!!! This is a happy time for sure, you’re doing so well, keep rolling with Keto and let us know how those clothes fit next year! :bacon: Bacon, butter, bacon!!!

(Brian) #6

Congratulations, Susan! It’s a good problem to have. :smiley: