New beginnings

(chad) #1

so me and my wife are starting on Monday and my question is for those of you that have been doing this for a long time what would you tell yourself or do differently in the beginning. I know in life we all look back after we have learned or mastered what ever it is and said dam I wish I would of figured that out in the beginning. we plan on being dedicated and try to incorporate this as a way of life. im semi active and try to make it to the gym to do cardio. im around 340lbs. ive lost about 80-90lbs already but am looking forward to at least another 80 or 90lbs. any help or advice is well appreciated. thanks in advance

(Ron) #2

This says it pretty well.

(Deb) #3

Personally, I would have started testing my blood glucose and ketones sooner so I knew for sure what my body was doing. As it was , I ended up in a year long stall thinking I knew what I was doing, when I was never even CLOSE to being in ketosis. You can’t change what you don’t measure.

(chad) #4

You think I should start testing before I start keto? And which test do you think I should use or does it matter

(Deb) #5

I would say go ahead and start, using very good guidelines from this forum or a very reputable source, then start testing your blood ketone levels maybe once a week or so. Then if you start to see an issue (a stall or gain), you can use blood glucose testing to narrow down the cause. It can take several weeks to get into ketosis so no need to test right away.