New at fasting and have questions on it


Hello so i started my ketogenic diet on 12/1/18 I then started my very first water fast after learning about them on 1/2/19 and made it till yesterday when i caved and had 1 small meal with my family. So my question is can i start back up today? And also when i do start eating agin is it safe to eat one day and fast 2 days then eat 1 day fast for 2 ecs.

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You had me at gasting.


I wouldn’t fast until you’re fat adapted. If you’ve only been Keto for about a month, I’m not sure that’s long enough.


You’ll know you’re fat adapted when you feel like you want to just get up, go outside, and run, lol.

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Sorry @Rclause - I went & fixed the typo in the title so now your comment looks a bit odd :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s probably better to fast 36 hours, eat one day, fast 36 hours, eat one day, fast 36 hours, eat two days. That’s a week’s worth of fasting.


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It’s OK to eat one day between fasts but make sure they’re big meals — 1, to carry you over to the next fast; 3, don’t make your body think it’s starving.

You don’t have to be fat adapted to EF, however, it helps a helluva lot. I went your route and it was tough and actually non-ate myself into fat adaptation without knowing it.

And then the fasts got easier.


thanks everybody for your responses i would have messaged sooner but for some reason it wouldn’t let me.
So when i started keto December 1st i started also with the intermittent fasting where i had my first meal at 10 a and my last at 6;30. then 2 weeks later i started with the one meal a day and i kept that going while exercising also. then i hit a weight plateau so i did research on fasting and i decided to go with the 7 day fast. (it was extremely easy for me so i think my body was used to it) Except for the second day of fasting i had the worst headache of my life lol but the next day i was fine. But as i mentioned i had a small meal with y family 6 days into my fast so i started my fast again and im going to wait till Sunday to break it. I am wondering how long should i wait to start my next fast if i stop on Sunday??


when i started on december 1st i was 226 lbs and am now 186. My goal weight is 145 so im just working hard and praying for the strength till i get to where i need to be

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Wow! 40 pounds in 40 days is very impressive!


Thank you I also never really exercised but i started running and doing hiit workouts so im sure that helped :slight_smile:

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Some experts say losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but when we do keto, it’s very possible to be “lazy” and still lose plenty of weight. The only training you have to do is training your hormones to act properly. Of course, I wont discredit exercise. It definitely helps out a lot of health markers.

A lot of people here on the forum believe in mixing up their eating routines. For example, some might do a few days of eating one meal a day (OMAD), a 1-2 day fast and 3-4 days of eating 2 meals a day over the course of a week. Switching things up can help us avoid our bodies adjusting to constant low amounts of calories (slowing metabolism) and let our bodies know that a good meal is often not far away, which assures it that it’s ok to keep letting go of fat.

I also agree with the others who recommend being fat adapted before you start regularly fasting. This will ensure that you are not slowing your metabolism, which is the last thing you want to do.

Getting fat adapted takes a month or 2 months for most people and the questions you need to ask yourself so that you can tell if you are fat adapted are:

Do I have consistent all day energy?
Can I go long periods of time without being overly hungry?
Are my cravings gone?
Do I sleep well?

Congrats on your success so far and welcome to the forum.