New antioxidants found in...meat; take that, plant-based! ;-)

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Interesting. Would this be the case for grainfed meats as well? I am not surprised they have found antioxidants in meats, meat contains essential vitamins and minerals. I definitely find myself less tired when I eat some nice fatty meat, whether that’s the meat itself or just ingesting some food (energy) is another question. I can also get energy from some lightly steamed broccoli. What I find is if I drink tea or coffee and then too shortly after consume my main meal, I get less energy from it. The same if I eat a lot of dairy too close to a meal. So I think there’s something in the research about anti-nutrients blocking absorption of antioxidants. I am going to steam some broccoli and have it with beef, and see how I feel afterwards. It may be we all really should be thinking about eating every single food separately, in order to get more of the micro-nutrients. But science is always so conflicting, isn’t it? It will perpetually confound me.

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I would GUESS that all grass-fed would be better. But if you’ve every listened to Peter Ballerstedt, who is a forage specialist, he talks a bit about forage and how even the exact same plant (say, hay) can have different nutrients during the year. And he has some fascinating discussions where he talks about cows who can tell they are missing some element, and they go find sources of that element in plants or other forage. A mixed diet would likely produce a more healthy animal.

And even grain-fed cows are grain-fed typically only right before they are harvested.

It’s always way more complex than anticipated.

As for plants, I have found cooked ones to be better than raw, although fermented are good too. For broccoli, I really like to put those in the oven under relatively high heat (say 400F or so). Makes them cooked but gives some flavor too.

I find sometimes mixing is better than eating together. For instance, I was taking creatinine for a while. I always took it with other proteins/collagen peptides in a small glass of raw milk, right before eating my first meal of the day. I had no issues with it.

Then, Superbowl Sunday, I had forgotten to take it (you’re supposed to take it daily). I took it by itself and quite a bit before eating. I had to go to the bathroom so many times that night… The only thing that was worse – for me – was maltitol.

I also think that we need fat with our vegetables, only because some vitamins are fat soluble.

I’ve found that the answers are never simple.


Hi Bob, I so much agree with your last sentence.

I believe most cows are both grassfed and grain finished, yes? As you say, before harvesting. So perhaps, if one is on a budget, the difference between grainfed and grassfed is really not that major. Oh, foraging. How I’d love to eat squirrels and rabbits and birds, wild game. But I’m not a hunter, neither is my SO, and we know noone who hunts.

Yes, I do find, butter goes really well with vegetables, it just makes them taste a lot better. But then I am a big fan of butter and tend to put it on everything, meat, fowl, fish or vegetables. I did eat my broccoli with my ground beef, both of which I salted liberally, and it was fine, but I oversteamed the broccoli. I am going to roast them instead with the meats tomorrow in the oven. Nothing beats oven-roasted vegetables.

I think, because of all the conflicting research, and how so many of us fall victim to confirmation bias, that eating intuitively, listening to the body and maybe even keeping a food journal is important. And also exclude how you’re feeling from it if say, you have a cold, and just feel rubbish generally. I find keto has sharpened both my senses and palate, now for example water tastes really good, and salt tastes good as well. Each flavour is more enhanced, my heavy whipping cream, especially when I whip it into cloudy heavenness, tastes both divine and delightfully sweet to me. I tried a strawberry the other day, and that was much too sweet. Now broccoli, cauliflower and avocado are all sweet, so I tend to pair them with salty things like bacon. The almonds I eat in the morning tastes to me like the marzipan my mom would make every christmas when I was growing up. It’s funny how your tastebuds change, when you omit sugary and processed junk from your life, replacing them only with whole foods.

As to vitamins, I would take them together myself, even if I had several, so it would be easier to remember as my memory is rubbish.