New 2KD Patreon tier gives early access to podcast episodes

(carl) #1

@richard, @CarrieBrown, and I have rethought the Patreon account. The 2KD Patreon now has 2 tiers. $5/month gives you a forum badge, and $20/month gives you early access to the podcast episodes!

@richard’s Patreon is to support this forum:

@carl’s Patreon is to support the 2 Keto Dudes podcast:

@CarrieBrown’s Patreon is to support her recipes:

(Allie) #2

I’ll admit to cancelling my Patreon donation as after many months of paying it I didn’t even get a forum badge… :cry:

(carl) #3

Completely understandable. That money has been accruing in the bank, and we are using it to come out swinging. So, thank you for your support!