Need some ideas


Maybe my carnivore friends can help me out?

I bought a huuuuge boneless pork loin roast yesterday to cut into thick chops. It must have been about 36” long at minimum. I had to cut it in half to fit on my largest cutting board. It was so fun. LOL

But I am left with a few pieces that couldn’t cut into chops well. I need some ideas for really tasty ways to cook this. I don’t like dry, well-done meat either, however I’m open to yummy crackling like ways to cook it as well if that’s possible with such a cut of meat. If not I’d like to know the most flavorful juicy way to cook this. Cut up in chunks? Whole in oven?

What would any of you do with these pieces?

(Bob M) #2

Do you have a sous vide? We’ll often cook pork in our sous vide, then sear, put on the grill, or put under the broiler to get a crust.


No sous vide here. Or any smoker. Just a grill, stove, oven, crock pot, Dutch oven, and a pressure cooker collecting dust. (Because my MIL used to destroy beautiful meat in pressure cookers. Went in like a beautiful red football and came out like a brown black hockey puck. I hate well done meat.)

(Geoffrey) #4

Slow cooked in a crockpot with beef bone broth would make a nice tender, savory stew.
You could also just cut it up into one inch squares and just pan fry it in butter with some salt.


I completely agree with @Geezy56.
It’s a nice fatty meat, should work very very well for both! :smiley:
If it’s a smallish amount, I pan fry it (or if I happen to make a chicken based soup, some pork is a vital addition in it), we usually make bigger stews… But a small panful stew isn’t a bad thing either…

(Alec) #6

I would dice those, fry them up in a little lard, then add some butter, cream cheese and cream, and put on a low simmer for 15 minutes. Pork a la crème!