Need name help

(Lauren) #1

My community does a chili cook-off every year in December. It’s the night before the Christmas parade (and my bday), so largely Christmas themed. @1911guy and I (and kids) are entering the cook-off this year, and we need help with a team name and a chili name.
Here’s a rough idea of what our booth will look like:

So far we have:
Chili name: Hot Reindeer Sludge
Team name: Santa’s Little Chili Preppers

I don’t love either, but I’m stumped.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #2

Chili names:

Santa’s Secret Sauce
No Beans About It
Rudolph the Red-nosed Bean Deer
Meateor Chili, It’s Out of This World
Have Yourself a Spicy Little Christmas
Cheese Navidad
Seasons Meatings
Silent Night, Spicy Night
The Grinch Cure
De-icer Chili
Frosty’s Revenge
Reindeer Porridge/Gruel
Fire Starter Chili
White Hot Christmas

Team Names:

The Back Burners
The Red Coats are Coming! (wear red t-shirts)
Red Hot Chili Preppers
The Poblano Picaso’s
The Greasy Aprons
Hot Love
Second Helpings
Snow Days/Snow Daze
Presents of Mind (wear stick-on bows)
Baby, It’s Cold Outside
You Do the Dishes

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #3

OMG. I love this.

(Lauren) #4

Ooooh! Some of these are going on the list. I really like The Grinch Cure.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #5

Send check or money order to…

(Lauren) #6

I will pay you exactly 15 internet dollars per suggestion. :santa: