Need help with Fitbit Charge 5 😬

(Denise) #1

I am having trouble setting this thing up, got the app on my phone. I am also concerned I’m going to get bugged to go premium, or pay for using Fitbit? They allowed me to choose “free service” but I just wonder what that’s going to be like with this thing. I think I hate it already.

I guess I’d like some encouragement as I would really like to have the data this will give me with it’s bells and whistles. Maybe I’m just not in “learning” mode :wink:

Anyway, anyone that has one and can spend a little time telling me the best way to figure this thing out. Found a video for my version, but it looked different than my screen does.

Help?? OIC there’s a lifetime membership for 24.99, would that be smart to go with that?


Mine came with 6 months of premium free (you have to enable through the App, I think I set a reminder to cancel before it was up in my calendar).

I did not find the premium information all that compelling but I do like my Fitbit. I recently got the Charge 6 after my 1.5 year old Charge 5 started glitching after I went into the ocean with it (it is supposed to be water resistant and there is a special water mode, this was not the first time it got wet). The Charge 5 and Charge 6 are almost identical. Not sure what your question is but most things are through the App. You can change the clock face, the battery is much better than an Apple watch which is why I like it because otherwise I would forget. The first thing is download the App, add your Charge 5 to it and then play with some of the settings. I find the vibrations a little distracting so I have turned most of them off but that is me. It really helps me realize how much sleep I am getting (less than I think), how much I am moving (less than I think) and so on. Also, right before I got Covid in May 2022, my heart rate started going crazy (over 120 while cooking, normally 70-80). I thought it was a mistake so I compared it to my pulse oximeter, it wasn’t, the next day I came down with Covid symptoms. Have not had that since so I thought it was good in that capacity

(Denise) #3

Thanks @Saphire to be honest, I didn’t really know what to ask, I’m super tired again today as my workouts are much longer now, plus walking a lot and just other errands, etc.

I will keep fiddling with it as long as I can tonight. I got the premium as it was lifetime membership for 24.99 which I thought “what the heck” maybe less bother with ads etc.

I’m so sorry to hear you got the covid, I’ve been very fortunate so far, had 2 vaccines but don’t want any more, guess I’ll reserve the right to change my mind.

I have the app, but I have yet to get it connected to the watch. It just keeps saying “download the app” and some other screen that says some long past date in 2023.

Like I said, I’ll keep working at it, really appreciate getting to talk to someone, I felt discouraged and helpless so don’t think you didn’t help me by replying :wink: Denise


Ok. Go to the App, in the upper left corner is where connected devices appear. I assume there is nothing there although you can also synch your phone to it. Try clicking in that corner, you should see a screen called “Connected to Fitbit” with an option to “Add more devices” click on that and you should be able to add your watch. Once connected you can change the clock face Good Luck

(Denise) #5

it’s searching for my phone right now. My bluetooth is on but so far watch isn’t finding it. That’s happened with other things like my ear-buds :slight_smile: so I’ll keep trying, Denise :slight_smile: Got it!! just restarted the setup and it connected. Yesssss, it’s working :slight_smile:6:00, times right :slight_smile:

I got the manual downloaded, and it’s much easier for me to read than the funky one they sent with the watch. I really needed some rest before I tackled it again, and what I got wasn’t much, 2 hours I think. I have insomnia occasionally, but I’m retired so not a big deal, aggravating for sure at times :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just overdid my workouts a bit but now I’ll have more info on what I’m actually doing. I think I’ll use the food diary on the Fitbit, see how that goes for a time as well. I want to make sure I’m getting enough fuel now that I am working out much more :wink:

(Denise) #6

I had the wrong app downloaded to my phone @Saphire Something called Fitness Tracker. Finally figured that out with help of community at Fitbit. Does the watch work without the app? I just don’t like having to have the phone with me for simple stuff like my walks, and one workout I do, aerobic. I was able to delete the exercises I don’t use, and then add the ones I do:)

Do I have to have my account with Fitbit or can I just using my watch and app?

Thanks for any help, from anyone :slight_smile: Denise
PS I had spent the 24.99 on the Lifetime Membership for that app, and Google Play actually refunded it to me when I told them it was the wrong one for my Fitbit charge 5 :wink: Got lucky!


I don’t know what the app is called, I have an iPhone.You may want to to a search for a how to video like this one This came up when I did a quick search, cannot vouch for whether it is good or not.

The correct app is this one On my screen it has a picture of that blueish greenish diamond shape.

Assuming you have tracking enabled on your watch, you do not have to bring your phone with you on walks. Same for other exercise. I thought $24.99 sounded low since they were charging $9 per month. Don’t worry about ads, the app does not have any or at least not the way I have it set.

It is definitely useful to download the correct app because that gives you the information on sleep, how long you exercised, what your historical heart rate is and oxygen O2 saturation. The watch holds the data but then transfers it to the app so you can access it. Assuming you bought the watch new you should have premium free for a certain number of months but you have to sign up, as I mentioned, when I did the free period, I set a reminder for myself to cancel it before the free period ended which was pretty easy to do