Need Help reading NMR Profile blood test

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Short background: 3 yes ago,I was power lifting, eating mostly chicken breast, tuna, oatmeal, brown rice, veggies, fruit, protein shakes. I had a widow maker heart attack and heart stopped. Obviously, I was extremely lucky, and given CPR, and am ok. (Had 2 stents) Since then, I’ve started keto, for over 2 yrs now. I get blood work every 6 months. I had to argue with my doc to get me an NMR to measure particle size. Usually, it’s the standard blood test. I could use some help with these particle numbers. I know my standard numbers are ok, even tho the doc says people with heart disease should get LDL to 70. I understand Trigs, HDL, ratio info also, I’m just not sure on the particle part… Thx.

Total cholesterol: 223
LDL: 144
HDL: 67
Triglycerides: 59
Lipo Insulin Resistance Score: <25

HDL particle #: umol
LDL particle #: 1629 nmol
Small LDL particle #: 491 nmol
LDL particle size: 21.1 nm

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This video is helpful:

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