Need guidance after disappointing first month


Then understand that you’re doing this blind, without a way to check you could very well be having huge water fluctuations and think you haven’t lost anything when you have, or be able to see a trend in progress, possibly a positive one and that would tell you to keep it up, but you wouldn’t know. There’s more to take into acct than scale weight by itself, but that’s the fist thing that will move one way or the other to tell you what’s going on.

I’d work on getting them optimal, if your doc is one of those “it’s in range” types, get a new one. If your Thyroid is sluggish than that’s a seriously uphill battle. Even a desiccated thyroid supplement can help many people whether the prescription or OTC kind.

If you’re tracking what you’re eating and you know for a fact everything is correct, you’re not losing, and you know you don’t have great thyroid values, I’d be on your doc. I can tell you as somebody that routinely sticks my foot up my thyroids rear end, that even a little push can incinerate fat off you like nothing you’ve ever seen.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #22

I take it then, that you don’t believe the researchers who say that low thyroid numbers on keto are actually normal, because those people are using their thyroid hormones more efficiently than the carb-burners are?


As somebody that’s had both good and bad thyroid values while both keto and not, nope! I put that into the same page as less bowel movements because we’re “more efficient”.

Low T3, hard as hell to get the fat off, higher T3, where’d the fat go? Doesn’t take an RCT to figure that one out.


Ifod, how do you kick your thyroid into behaving? I am severely hypo (Hashimoto’s) and figure it’s causing me issues.


To me, the research demonstrates merit. However, I know people who have upped their dose of armour and seen 7% weight loss in a week. Does that disprove the research? I don’t think so. I do think increased T3 yields higher RMR.

When discussing thyroid, to me, the issue has always been the subset of folks who are carb burners, register “normal” ranges on simplistic thyroid panels with their synthroid dosage, and still feel like ■■■■■ The subjectivity of how one feels has more often than not been overruled in a doctor’s mind by the objective scores. You’re normal. TSH is fine. Deal with it.

I think there are many confounders, most likely from systemic inflammation as a carb burner. I would propose we find a population of hypothyroid carb burners and have them do keto for 90 days and then see how they feel. I suspect this experiment would have the majority of subjects reporting how much better they feel, but register less favorable scores on a full thyroid panel. Would increasing T3 increase rate of fat loss? I believe it would. Does that mean it is necessary? For most, probably not.


Dr. Berry is great. He’s not always carnivore, sometimes he’ll do some veg or berries but rarely.

For you, his beef, butter, bacon, and eggs for 90 days plan would probably help you develop a baseline. I know you mentioned you don’t like eggs, maybe replace those with sardines or another small microorganism where you eat the entire organism. Ground beef is a good option that won’t splatter grease everywhere depending on how you cook it.

It takes time. Don’t give up. Continue to eat until you’re comfortably stuffed. As your body heals, start to listen to it signaling you. As you get more energy it might want you to move more. Limiting chronic stress and getting a good amount of restful sleep can help a lot with fat loss.


Good ol’ T3. But I’d assume you’re already on that if you’re hypo, I hope.


Please hang in there! I know it is frustrating! Make certain you are eating enough fat! Initially I poured melted butter on my steak, and snacked on bacon and pork rinds. Finally the weight came off. Good luck to you!!


Thank you. Yes, he is great and he explains all the biological processes so well. I’m a very curious person, somebody who used to take things apart to see how they worked when I was a kid. I love knowing all the details of how and why it works.


Thank you. I’ll keep trying.