Need a Functional medicine doctor & I have a few questions

(Cheryl) #1

How did you find your functional medicine doctor?

Also do most functional medicine doctors believe in the ketogenic diet and fasting that would be helpful for me as well

If I use a FUnctional dr that is miles or a state away how does this work for those who use them

(Mike W.) #2

I just gave him as little info as possible. “I’m on a low carb diet and I’ve lost 20# since I started 3 months ago.” “Great, keep doing what you’re doing”


Literally Google it, many of them will have it in their title / business name if there in their own practice at least. I started with Jimmy Moore’s low carb doctor list, and went from there. Many of them are in weight loss clinics and fitness type places. In my area a lot of them are in those private / membership type deals which I’m not against but of course their sites don’t list prices so it’s tricky. I’ve found the Many more DO’s see to be into the FM way from my searching than MDs, but plenty of MD’s are as well.


Functional medicine is a mode of thinking, it’s not a formal medical specialty. While a practitioner could come from any area, the nearest relation is probably endocrinology.

I wanted my primary care physician to be someone who was knowledgeable, open minded, would listen to me and help me plan a course to achieve my health objectives. I needed a method to quickly widdle down a long list of possibilities. I called their offices and asked a two simple questions:

  1. Would they be willing to medically supervise a 30 day fast?
    I had no intention of actually doing it, but I knew that most doctors would immediately say no and that only an enlightened doctor would entertain the idea.
  2. What is the best diet for improving IR?
    I was looking for someone who was familiar with a HFLC diet.

(Sebastian Grey) #5

Very true there are a lot of doctors out there and what is important is that they have a good enough education and a really good bedside manner. have always wanted to be a doctor but I never had the patience and the funds to do it, so when my brother decided to go to medical school we were all very happy about it.
He was always smarter then me and so he actually applied for different scholarships not only in the US but in the Caribbeans as well. At first I was kind of stunned as in why would he actually consider something like that and my main question was probably whats a caribbean med school?
After some research though I was actually surprised that they school he applied to was providing a US-like education with different professors and as a graduate would be eligible for the NRMP just like the Us-counterpart. Plus the student expenses are significantly less then the average US half a million student loans. He got a full ride and is close to graduating. He’s planning to be an orthopedic surgeon.