Natural and artificial flavor

(Lynda White) #1

Anyone out there know what natural and artificial flavoring are in Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla and Chocolate Glazed Donut flavors. I can not find anywhere. On the box it states 100% Arabica coffee, coffee and natural and artificial flavor. Type 2 diabetic trying to figure out how to control blood sugar with a keto diet.

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I just try to be as natural as possible. I drink plain roasted coffee with a bit hwc, grass fed butter and a splash of real vanilla extract. Sometimes I throw a piece of cinnamon log in the coffee grounds.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

“Natural flavors” on an ingredient list can apparently cover a whole mess of things, including in some cases sugar.

Personally, I would avoid flavored ground coffee…too easy to end up with stuff you don’t want. If you really like flavors in your coffee (I do), consider sugar-free coffee syrups instead. While some folks have issues with anything sweet in terms of causing cravings, etc., the upside of the sugar-free syrups is that you can use as little as you want, rather than being tied to whatever was added to the ground beans.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

I like adding a bit of cinammon bark too my ground coffee and a splash of real vanilla extract after brewing. Add nice natural flavoring. Getting ready to order some Torani (sp) syrup myself.

(Larry Lustig) #5

My coffee? It isn’t any bloody flavor. It’s bloody coffee bloody flavor.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #6

Where’s the :purist: emoji when we need one? :wink:

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

Bloody coffee…now that’s hard core keto.