My Zornfasting charts


Started at roughly 1 pm today (Wednesday). I’ll be tracking glucose, ketones and weight at 24 hour intervals. I plan on bpc with butter and maybe mct the first two days. After that it’s whatever I need.

(Terri) #2

I am only having coffee/tea with MCT oil and coconut oil so far on this one. About 42 hrs in and feeling great! Hope your fast goes well.


I’m about 70 hours in and just had a freaky burst of energy so I went to the store and then made sauerkraut. I might break my fast with it on Friday! I have a cold that’s kicking my butt, so really working on hydration more than usual. I took the day off to rest, but have been jittery and not able to sleep much.

How long are you guys going for? I love charting metrics like you’re doing Carol! My ketones are freaky high, 3.6 as of this morning. I just get a kick out of stuff like that.


I don’t know how long I’ll do. I figure a minimum of 3 days and then see if I’m having cravings or not. I’ll probably be up early in the morning. Or I should say “earlier”.


Day two under the bridge. A little early since I have to go somewhere this afternoon.

Ketone Levels and Extended Fasting

Tough night last night because of potassium shortage. All fixed. Eating fat to keep my metabolism and brain happy.

Updating charts above. ^^


How could you tell you were low on potassium?


Or more like unbalanced sodium-potassium. I had a weight gain from holding water, increase in bp, sinus swelling, headache on right side of head. I’ve been trying to associate symptoms of electrolyte imbalance for some time. For me, fasting always means I need to increase my potassium intake.

(dawn.hakala) #9

Are you feeling better today than yesterday? When fasting, do you increase Potassium and Magnesium?


I’m still getting more hot flashes than usual but I’m better in general. I quit at just past 3 days.
I do need more magnesium to compensate for lack of food-based Mg. It’s tricky to supplement both potassium and magnesium because of the laxative effect if I go overboard. It mostly means I have to get up in the middle of the night and sip some ketoade.

(dawn.hakala) #11

So I currently take 2 Malate & 2 Chelated 2x a day and drink at least 2 bottle of ketoaide… Like right now, my calves are twitching…so I know i need to go take my other 4 pills soon… maybe increase and add 1 more of each b4 bed? Potassium I only take 1 tablet…maybe increase that too…Oh the tests we do on ourselves…
On day 3 of what could be 21…had to do bone broth so far. If I do at least a glass of broth, ya think i need to add anything else?


Well if you go too far with magnesium it will maybe give twitching rather than cramps. It needs to be balanced with calcium. It’s an experiment for sure. Just go a little bit at a time in case you pick the wrong thing.

(anonymous65) #13

Carol, I just finished a 4 day fat fast and my hot flashes were out of control! I’ve only just started hot flashing in the last couple of weeks. Have you found that a longer fast makes those worse?

Dr. Google seems to suggest apple cider vinegar, which I was already taking before meals on eating days, but I guess I’ll have 1T upon waking up and 1T in the evening. Have you ever tried that?


I’ve used ACV for indigestion and sometimes before bed to see if it affected my fbg. But I’ve never tried it on a fast. It’s strange because the first few EFs I did, my sleep improved. This last one was not as good. I’m going to skip next month’s fast. I think I’m at a point where I don’t need them as often.

(anonymous65) #15

Yes, I’m moving away from multi-day fasts as I’m closer to my goal. I was just clearing all the holiday crap out!

That said, after taking 1T ACV 4 times throughout the day yesterday, my hot flashes improved a tiny bit. Supposedly it takes a couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes. I wonder what other drug-free remedies exist.


Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


Its helpful to see others results. I just finished a 3-day water fast (with black coffee/green tea included). Here are my results. Not shown here - my ketones were over 7 in the morning on the 4th day when I broke the fast. I also find it hard to get the potassium and magnesium supplementation right.


Wow! I wish I’d had ketone strips for my longer fasts. I was definitely smelling of ketones in a bad way by day 5. :wink: