My three Inbody scans

(April Harkness) #1

I know this is not as accurate as a DEXA but it’s free at my gym. A little concerning as it looks like I lost a bit of muscle mass, but again, it’s still very close to my last scan at the beginning of the month and this may not be entirely accurate but still I’d be a lying if I said I was NOT worried. (50.9% SMM skeletal muscle mass is still pretty damn good).

I have posted all three of my inbody scans. The first inbody scan in July was a month into carnivore. 2nd was beginning of Sept. Recent scan done today.

Also sharing a youtube vid so you can read my tests and make your own conclusions.

(Bob M) #2

Ah, don’t you know you shouldn’t eat near your scan results? :grinning:

Those look interesting. Even if it’s not as accurate as a DEXA, it’s probably a heck of a lot cheape, easier to get, and “good enough for government work” as we used to say in the military.

It appears you’re heading in the right direction.


My local GNC does this for $10.00. Mine made me cry a little but it’s still really cool.

(Troy) #4


I did a same day test InBody vs DEXA


Within 1 hour of each other
Quite a bit of discrepancy :slightly_smiling_face: