My scale dissed me


This has got to be the ultimate in unsolicited advice. My scale emailed me this morning. Yep, my scale. It said, “Don’t give up, Koda! Everybody has off weeks. Let’s get back on track next week!”

I didn’t opt in for this “encouragement.” I’ve had the scale since July, but this weekly update just started last week (I didn’t notice that one until I looked just now.) The prompt for the message was that my average weight last week reflected a “0.0 pounds” change from the previous week’s average. Sheesh. That’s a win in my book! Nokia might want to give some more thought to this.

(Roxanne) #2

The last thing I need is a wiFi enabled scale emailing me…I didn’t even know that was a thing! I won’t be buying one of those.

(Liz ) #3

That’s way harsh

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #4

How did it even learn your e-mail address? Has it been conspiring with your refrigerator?

They’re taking over!

(What The Fast?!) #5

I figured out a way to log my weight without actually looking at it. :slight_smile: I use a Polar connected scale, so I turn on the app, click “add new,” then cover the screen with my hand, step on the scale (and don’t look at it), then once I hear the beep, I hit exit and never see the number. I want the data, but I can’t deal with the emotional rollercoaster. :slight_smile: Once I feel I’ve lost weight and my clothes are fitting looser, I’ll go back and look at the trend. :slight_smile:

(Damon Chance) #6

My app has an option to only show differences and not values… however my scale is the cheapo and doesn’t synch wirelessly so I have to either use the camera to scan it or enter it myself so that option is pretty much useless. I feel like I like your approach… I may need to upgrade. I really like the accuracy of this scale though… hoepfully their wireless version is as good.

On that note if anyone is looking for a good inexpensive scale I can tell you the Weight Guru scales fit the bill.