My pork sausage can beat up your vegan sausage

(Sticking with mammoth) #1

It’s all in the crunch.

“The “crunch” or “crack” of meat sausages is inevitably different than that of vegan sausages, simply because the molecular properties of the proteins are markedly different,’ said Professor Vilgis.”

He goes on:

We are taking a closer look at the proteins as well as the sequence of amino acids, which we understand as a “code” from which we can read certain properties to better understand the behaviour (sic) of the sausages in the mouth when they are consumed."

Yeah, that’s “code” for Get Vegan Processed Food to Sell. You’ll notice the rest of the article toes the ignorant line of how cows are destroying us all via clogged hearts and bovine farts. A fun humor piece to read while I chew my breakfast links (crunch, crunch).


My sausages are all about taste, I never expect crunch from them and most of them don’t have any… Well I particularly like the ones with a little one but it’s still about the taste, I can’t help those are the tastiest. Except dry sausages with huge flavor and zero crunch :slight_smile:

Never tried vegan not-sausages (just a homemade one but I immediately skipped the carbiest items and it got more and more carnivore as time passed while getting better and better)… I am curious but I doubt they could be any good (for me, they may be perfect for others, I don’t judge) and I can buy a lot of surely tasty meat with that money… :smiley:

But one day when I will have plenty of money to waste (or there will be a huge sale and my curiosity wins), I will try vegan stuff.


kill me here LOL
just oh so wrong to fake the world of real food even more…yikes
I say go for it but in truth, the ‘vegan’ meat area in my store is small and ‘ain’t barely sold’ yet the real meat dept gets wiped out full speed.
yea go ahead manufacturers, keep making the crap better to sell the crap better I guess?? :wink: :skull_and_crossbones::unicorn:

(Bob M) #4

When we went to lunch for Easter, I had an omelette, side of sausage, and side of bacon. The sausage came fried really well, hard on the outside. It was pretty good. Did make the sausage harder to cut, though. (I cut the omelette into small bites and combined each bite with a bite of sausage. Ate the bacon separately.)

I’d probably never do this at home, as I don’t want to spend the time to get a hard crust on the exterior.

(Robin) #5

I can use my air fryer to make all things crispy. I buy spicy chicken sausages at Trader Joe’s. Only ingredients are chicken and spices and they are fully cooked. NO matter, I put them in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, till they pop open, the juices caramelize and each bite is a crispy brown bit of heaven. Sausage Pattie’s: ditto.
I like all meat over cooked until at least golden brown.

Except steaks. I get a nice char on them but insides stay medium rare and juicy. My idea of lazy carnivore.


Same here! But those are the plant things. They aren’t even remotely meat-like.
While I haven’t the foggiest idea how meat from petri dishes looks and feels like. Or 3d printed stuff. No idea. I only tried plants (basic ingredients, I made the dish) and they were like plants (except gluten, that’s weird and only resembles gluten).

I am still ready for cheap, available, proper nutrient protein sources. If they are tasty.
Sigh. I am a bit too choosy :smiley: But I can be :smiley:

(Bob M) #7

Interesting. Maybe I’ll have to get an air fryer? (It’s the only cooking device I don’t have. Well, OK, I don’t have a pasta maker or rice cooker or…)

(Robin) #8

You would not regret it. Don’t know if you eat veggies? My hubby does. And they are perfection. We don’t grill out anymore but it’s also just the two of us.


I always considered any pot perfect for that :smiley:
But really, what is wrong with that? Just perfect.
I never understood pancake pans either as a normal flat pan works the same but maybe I am too simple. (I have a pancake pan now, it’s not flat at all, it was when I bought it… Oh well, I can make very thin pancakes in nearly anything. I am serious about my pancakes.)

(Bob M) #10

At one time (when I was eating Pritikin, super low fat, very high carb), I did have a rice maker. I looked on Amazon, but didn’t see anything similar to what I had. It had a center section where you put water. A heating element was in there. You put the rice in a black plastic container, over the top of the water (there were special “stand offs” that kept the black plastic away from the water and also allowed steam to escape to an outside ring). You put the top on, turned the device on, waited for the light to go out. The rice was done. Made tons of rice in that. (I ate only brown rice back then.)

Sorry, for “pasta maker”, I meant something where you pass flour through it and make the actual pasta, like this:

Pasta Machine

I guess they’re called “pasta machines”.

A picture of a different one:



Oh those are nice I guess, it’s not like I could use them now :slight_smile:
Mom just used her hands :slight_smile: And sometimes a tool for a traditional fun shape, I never could use it, too hard for me…

And my fav was macaroni and we can’t make that… Sigh. It’s great fun though. Not like it would be easy for me to come up with a dough. My pasta is mostly fried eggs… Absolutely perfect in the role of pasta. I call them crumbles.