My Own Science Experiment - Update #2

(Connie Ortz) #1

(Short explanation: I’ve decided to try and use keto to repair my brain post-'rona and see if my taste/smell will return after 20 months of very diminished senses).

About 5 1/2 weeks in, the scale is down 13.6, but more importantly, I have noticed an improvement in my ability to smell and taste. It’s not completely normal, but I am definitely seeing things change. I have smelled flowers for the first time in 2 years. (just a week prior to starting the experiment, my lilacs bloomed, and I could not smell them at all. Today, I can). Taste has also improved somewhat.

So, my initial impression is that keto is helping. At least that’s my theory to this point.


For smell, they say to often smell things you CAN smell, and it improves that sense overall. Worth a shot I figure.