My NSV yesterday

(travis) #1

So I am on my second week of keto and yesterday I decided to do a 24 hour fast. Well it just so happend we had some friends over with their kids to carve pumpkins and we ordered pizza. I was able to resist eating any pizza because I had my eye on the goal of the fast I was doing in addition, I want to make a change in my health, and I know eating that pizza would have derailed me. Before on a calorie restrictied diet, I would have had one peice that would have let to eatiing two or three and then I would be diffapointed in myself. In addition, listing to the pod cast has given me the education to know what eating the pizza would do to my ketosis.

(Susan) #2

Welcome to the forum @travis. Congratulations on overcoming this temptation and sticking to plan, especially this early in your Keto journey! That is terrific! I wish you all the best in your continued new healthy lifestyle.

(Marianne) #3

Congratulations! Once you are on clean keto for a while, you find it easier to not indulge in foods that are detrimental. Eating those things becomes just a thought that can be dismissed, and not a maddening compulsion.

Pizza used to be my kryptonite. I’d order a large pizza usually 2-3 times a week. My husband usually didn’t eat it, so it was all mine. I’d easily eat eight large pieces of a 12-slice pizza in one sitting, and then have 1-2 later in the evening. I haven’t had one bite of pizza since Feb. 2019. We make “keto pizza,” which tastes just like the real thing. It is so rich that I only have 2-3 small squares and that completely satisfies me. Whoever said keto was sustainable!?

P.S. Who is your darling little buddy!? :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

Welcome. Just starting out it’s very important to remain in ketosis as consistently as possible. Lots of stuff happens when you begin eating keto and you have to give yourself time to let it all happen. In/out of ketosis just hinders your progress.


Not eating Pizza on week 2? That’s impressive!

(Robin) #6

Way to go! If you have that much resolve already, you’ve got this! Congrats!

(travis) #7

That is my sweet little doxen Lulu. Would you mind sharing your pizza recipe?


Well done. Glad you made it through your fast.

(Marianne) #9

Adorable!!! :sob:

I’ll p.m. you the recipe.

(Robin) #10

Would you send me the recipe too? I just tried on I saw on here and it was like soggy crepe pizza.