My NSV - Applying lipstick with my knees!

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #1

I went to a bridal shower recently. One of the games we played involved holding a tube of lipstick between our knees and applying it without using our hands. I was able to do this easily! My tummy didn’t get in the way. They changed the rules of the game since very few of the guests could reach their knees. It was so very odd to be one of the fittest people in the room!


What a fun NSV! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Allie) #3

That is a bizarre challenge but well done! :grinning:

(Jane) #4

That is the most unusual NSV I’ve ever read - what fun!

Congrats :smiley:


I bet you felt awesome! Woohoo!

And also, that is a weird game. Ha!

(Polly) #6

Well done, it must feel great to be slim and fit and able to achieve. Did any of those unable to manage ask you about how you became slimmer and fitter?

(Not a game to play at a “baby shower” for sure!)

(Brian) #7

When I read the title, I wondered… but glad to know this wasn’t something you achieved while driving! LOL!! :wink:

(Karen) #8

Oh my gosh that’s the cutest game I’ve ever seen! I’ll have to remember that one for the next bridal shower. That being said if you were tubby like me it might be embarrassing

(hottie turned hag) #9

I’m dead
R.I.P. :skull_and_crossbones:
*muttering to myself about crazy kids these days *

seriously hellyeah!


I laughed out loud even before I opened this thread. Congrats on you NSV and thanks for the laugh!

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #13

I am glad to have helped out in the chuckle department! It was a silly game and I do think some of the ladies were embarrassed not to be able to do it, but they found a way around it by tucking their lipsticks in their cleavage. It’s a silly old world sometimes. :rofl:

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #14

I did get to talk to a couple of ladies about Keto, but I am not sure how truly receptive they were. Fingers crossed that one of them will look into it further.

(Susan) #15

That is a truly strange game to play at a bridal shower, but must have been funny as well…

Well done to you though, Diane, what a win! Congrats =), that is really an accomplishment.

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #16

Thanks Susan - it was a strange game - actually all the games at that party were kind of odd, but so fun to realize I could actually do it! :smiley: