My neurologist recommended keto, haha!

(Robin) #1

I recently saw a very astute neurologist. My brain fog has been getting worse the past year or 2. He said covid has reawakened epilepsy in some who had it as a child and outgrew it. Milder epilepsy can present as periods of sometimes profound confusion.
He gave me seizure meds and reassured me I have no signs of dementia. Big WHEW!
He then recommended I go keto. I just about fell off my chair.
Hugs all around!

(Bob M) #2

Fantastic! (For both your lack of signs of dementia and your finding someone who advocated keto.)


Good news all around!

(Joey) #4

Nice to have a keto advocate on your medical team. While the brain fog has no doubt been troubling, your longtime carb-restriction has most likely kept it from being otherwise aggravated further. :vulcan_salute:

(Mark) #5

I have noticed that longer fasts have done wonders for my bouts of brain fog. Hard to say what day there was a definite shift but 5+ days probably have completely lifted all symptoms of brain fog during my 2 long fast. One was 7 days and the other 26 days.

(Eve) #6

That’s very reassuring that some of the mainstream medical professionals have an open mind!


Great to hear that Robin. You must have been laughing.

My wife and boy were recommended low carb by different professional independent nutritionists.

My mother in law has been told that she has to lose weight before the NHS will allow hip surgery and they recommended Keto too!

I’ve only been Keto for 2 years in August and literally NEVER heard of LCHF and fasting till a friend mentioned I was overweight.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

@robintemplin You know, @SomeGuy has a point. As distressing as I know you find the symptoms, think of how bad they’d be if you were aggravating them with hyperglycaemia and hyperinsulinaemia.

You may not have dodged the bullet completely, but perhaps you can think of it as more towards the “flesh wound” end of the spectrum!

(Robin) #9

I’ll take a flesh wound any day. And honestly seizures are much better news than dementia. Did I mention he said I have a “nice plump brain”?
Yeah, best pickup line ever!

(Robin) #10

Agree 100%!

(Joey) #11

Oooh, some neurologists are such sweet talkers.

(Marion) #12

Congratulations, that is really wonderful to read a) that neurologist was informed about benefits of keto b) you don’t have dementia! And c) that you have a plump brain.


(Doug) #13

Robin, that’s great news. :slightly_smiling_face: You’re a sweetheart and such news is most deserved.

(Marianne) #14

Providence delivered a unicorn! So happy for you!


Last time my SO had a brain… whatever, IDK what was it exactly, he was praised for his good-looking brain :smiley: I kept mentioning it for months but probably will do in the future too.



Children are now routinely put on ketogenic diets as a treatment option for epilepsy when the seizures cannot be controlled with anti-seizure medications. The history of how this became the main treatment protocol is fascinating. It starts with an 11-month-old boy, Charlie, suffering from seizures that the anti-seizure medicine cannot help and is cured after this diet. It does help that his dad hired a bunch of medical scientists to figure out the problem. This keto protocol is now used in most children’s hospitals around the world for epilepsy when the seizures cannot be controlled with anti-seizure medications It is a very strict form of keto (90% fat) under direct supervision from a team of doctors; everything is measured and monitored. In Charlie’s case, the seizures completely stopped after 1 month of being on keto, but he continued on keto for 5 years. That was over 25 years ago.

(Robin) #17

So nice, you said it twice! :grin:


Thanks. I should have proof-read .

(Robin) #19

Ah… you sing the song of my people!

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

Sounds like a good Dr. Glad you got the all clear on dementia.