My neurologist recommended keto, haha!

(Jane) #21

Flesh wound.

Now I can’t get that Monty Python scene out of my head!!!


(Robin) #22

One of my favorites… that entire movie.

(Bacon enough and time) #23

That and “It’s not dead, it’s sleeping,” are a couple of the best lines ever!

Oh, and let’s not forget “Just wan waffer-theen meent!”

(Robin) #24

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
I could go on. And on. And on. But having a hard time tying it to keto.

(Rossi Luo) #25

If I can find a keto-friendly doctor near my mom’s city, it may save her life… I can’t, I only know a keto-friendly doctor at Shanghai which is quite quite far from my mom.

(Bob M) #26

It’s similar in the US. I can’t find any doctors who are keto near me. Or at least that I can find anyway. I’ve had to sign up with a normal doctor.

(Bacon enough and time) #27

I was lucky. I walked into a practice near me where my dad also went, they assigned me to this doctor, and when I told him I’d lost 80 lbs. (36 kg) by eating a ketogenic diet, he said, “Good!” We never really had a chance to talk about it, but he was known as the keto doctor in the practice.

He’s retired, now, but the new guy didn’t seem fazed when I mentioned keto. Guess he’d been talking to his colleague. Whether he believes in keto or not, he hasn’t tried to convince me to eat otherwise.

(Jennifer M Worth) #28

The mental clarity is one factor that keeps me going. I need to be able to think properly. Means so much more than weight loss for me. So glad there are physicians that get it clap clap to your Neurologist


Some of my family had Alzheimer’s, so mental clarity is top on my mind, now that I am old. I am happy to report that nothing is lacking in that department, My brain gets more of a daily workout than my body. If anything I am less forgetful than I used to be, it’s a long time since I misplaced my glasses or stood wondering why I had come into the room. Occasionally I can’t think of a word, usually the name of a person or of a plant. But then, English is not my native language, and I have always had trouble with the names of people.

(Bob M) #30

Ok, that’s fantastic. I cannot tell you the number of times I go into a room or upstairs…and can’t remember why.


I almost always know the English word. I forget the Hungarian one. Sigh. I forget my own language :sob: Without being great in English… I am not good in ANY language despite the unhealthy amount of reading I did.
I am not a perfectionist anymore, the slightly above average novelist’s skills would be enough for me :smiley:

(I am better when I take my time. My comments are quickies and they feel very childish to me quite often.)