My nails look amazing!

(Kelly ) #1

Pre-keto, my fingernails were weak. They would peel and break consistently. Today, they are strong with natural white tips! I get compliments on them because they look salon-manicured. It’s a small but wonderful non-sale victory. I imagine it’s the protein and collagen I’ve been consuming the last 3 months and evidence of my body responding and healing itself!


Yes! Congrats! That happened to me, too.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Skin, hair and nails … all much improved. Though I’m still not a head turner sadly. lol

(Bacon enough and time) #4

I know what you mean. I’m still waiting to go blond and grow another three inches. C’mon, keto!


This is very encouraging because my nails keep peeling and tearing. It’s really frustrating.

(Bacon enough and time) #6

Welcome to the forums!

To make your nails stronger, be sure to eat enough. Eat plenty of meat, and chew the gristle. Don’t count calories; eat to satisfy your hunger. As long as you are not eating carbohydrates, you’ll be fine. The hair and the nails are the first things the body cuts back on when we cut calories; it’s a famine response.

Be patient and stick with this way of eating. It will take some time. My nails were in terrible shape and shredded easily when I began keto, and it was several months, maybe even a year, before they had grown out strong and durable. Nowadays they grow so fast, it seems as though I’m cutting them every few days. So keep calm, and keto on!


Thanks for this! I am starting back on keto after I fell off the wagon during pregnancy, and have had trouble staying on since. I am a carboholic, and have tried and failed, and tried and failed again several times, but I am sick and tired of how i am feeling and struggling with weight too, so I am bound determined this time. I went keto before I got pregnant and I felt great.

(Bacon enough and time) #8

Good luck starting again. And I hear you about those cravings! Stay in touch with the community here; it does help.

(Robin) #9

Welcome! Keto is your way back! Glad you’re here.
As to your nails, keto will improve them.

I also take powdered collagen in my morning coffee or tea. Improves hair, nails, skin, etc etc.

(Bob M) #10

I was also going to recommend the powdered collagen, if you can afford it. You can probably get similar results by making and drinking bone broth/stock, but I always forget to make stock.


Congrats for stronger nails, it’s neat to have such a benefit :slight_smile:

Keto didn’t help my nail (or anything except the type of my typical hunger, fat adaptation changed that), neither did carnivore, I put my hope in collagen peptides, I only had a small trial but it seems it did a tiny good…? So I am hopeful. My nails always were weak and my body is super stubborn, I don’t normally get benefits from a woe change and I eat enough and pretty nutritious items. Much meat (a bit over a pound a day, it’s about as much as realistic for me) helped my lack of magnesium, maybe it will help more in the future…

I am very poor, I can’t afford beef more than once every month (but I buy the cheaper and more interesting deer instead :P) but I can afford some pork collagen :smiley: It’s not really expensive if we get it from the right webshop and use small doses :smiley: And it tastes a bit bad (totally awful if you ask my SO, good thing I am a hedonistic and he can handle unpleasant things like hunger or this stuff) so the little was “enough” for me for the first trial…