My mum is finally a keto fan

(In a #ketomarriage with @peggaloon) #1

Hubby and I have been on keto since July of last year, with all my talking about it - my mum finally decided to give it a go. Whine whine whine - “Why can’t I eat bread?”, “I haven’t lost any weight” “Why can’t cashews be low carb?”

5 months later -

[She’s down 11kg / 22lb (She now weighs 108kg / 238lb - she’s 159cm / 5’2")]

And her blood pressure (medicated) has gone from 150/90 to today it is 116/63.

She’s now going off blood pressure medication!!! She’s been on it for 20 years!!!

Hooray!!! Hubby and I are so proud. She’s finally happy about low carb, and I’m no longer receiving hateful phonecalls as if my name was Mrs. Banting!

(Dave) #2

It takes a big person to change her mind like that… Good stuff

(David) #4

I’m hoping to change people’s mind by formerly being a big person.

I’m hoping to lead by example. Which is why I’m not telling people what I’m doing, until they see the results.

(Jay Morris) #5

This is a great post!

(mwall) #6

It’s so much better when some other family members are on board! I love mom!