My list of NSV's from the first 4 months of my keto journey

(57 yo female started keto Jul '19) #1

These are my NSV’s from my first 4 months. I list them in the order they appeared for the first time:

  1. brittle nails become firm nails, making holes in my socks
  2. wanting to snack once a week instead of twice a day
  3. no hypoglycemia if I do not eat
  4. a chronic urinary tract infection disappears after 25 years
  5. period becomes normal in frequency, without pain, shorter, starts and stops clear and clean
  6. chronic diarrhea disappears after 30 years
  7. can be in the sun without covering myself and really enjoy it, lifting my mood also
  8. fully stop using anti-histamine pills that I have been using daily for 25 years (for severely itching skin that made me scratch to bleeding if I did not take those pills)
  9. dry skin improves to the point I do not need cremes
  10. need less toilet paper
  11. can endure smelling of food without wanting to eat, like being able to cross a big train station (many food scents) without being tense about having to restrain myself
  12. can enjoy long walks and bikes, also when not planned, without a glimps of hypoglycemia, broadening my horizon of doing things I like
  13. forget to eat the last nuts in a bowl
  14. a cervix polyp disappears
  15. more sensitive to food, often positive (very much enjoy it), sometimes difficult (i.e. getting emotional or sleepy after meal)
  16. learn to cook
  17. can take the time to prepare a very nice meal, because I am not shaky/hypo when hungry
  18. empty waste bin half as often
  19. two meals a day comes naturally
  20. very fast recovery from exercise, both long bike rides and short running sprints
  21. breathing is easier; it feels like there is more oxygen in the air
  22. no need to shave arm pits
  23. mosquito’s don’t like me anymore, and when they do bite, the swelling is much less and disappears much sooner
  24. both cats and dogs seem to like me more

I don't want to track but am gaining weight
(Susan) #2

That is fantastic, Annja. Big Congrats on all your NSV’s!!

(Rebecca ) #3

What wonderful victories…you know what I like the most? Your weight on the scale wasn’t on the list! You have highlighted healings that are taking place which are most important for your health!! Thanks for sharing!


this is all so amazing!!!

(back and doublin' down) #5

Most excellent! Happy for all your NSVs and pretty sure that list will continue to grow. Feeling great opens up sooo many possibilities!


(traci simpson) #6

Oooh how fun! can we all list our NSV’s?

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #7

That’s why the category exists! Share away!

(traci simpson) #8

These are my NSV’s from my first 4 months. Can’t remember the order in which they occurred:

  1. Boost of energy
  2. brittle nails become firm nails
  3. mood changed from depression to happy
  4. better poops
  5. shorter hot flashes
  6. less severe night sweats
  7. trigger finger almost gone in both hands
  8. can be in the sun without covering myself
  9. I sweat less
  10. I can tolerate the heat better
  11. increased sensitivity to bad food
  12. craving for ground beef and cheesy things
  13. I can eat TMAD and be ok. Sometimes OMAD
  14. Can drink coffee without creamer
  15. I think I look younger
  16. I don’t freak out if I don’t eat right at noon time
  17. Learned to breath easy and not stress out
  18. Lower heart rate


(PSackmann) #9

This! I can sniff, say “hmmm, that smells good” and continue on my way without wanting to try it. Also, I noticed I could look at the holiday treat displays in the grocery store without wanting to buy any. I found myself trying to force myself to want one of them, and finding it just didn’t happen.

Sorry for hijacking, congratulations on your fantastic NSV’s!!!

(Jenn) #10

I love this! Congrats on your success and new found health!

These are the NSV’s I recall from the few months when I went Keto:

  1. No lower back pain in the morning
  2. I could get a solid 8 hours of sleep without waking every couple hours
  3. I could also sleep only 4 hours and wake up feeling completely refreshed
  4. The few times I did indulge in a night out with alcohol I woke up completely hangover free
  5. Lost the incessant need to snack all day
  6. Learned to love black coffee
  7. Learned that butter is your friend not foe
  8. Realized how crappy carbs made me feel most of my life
  9. Lost 30+ inches
  10. Increased endurance at the gym, shaved 4:30 off of my mile time
  11. Anxiety decreased
  12. Focus increased immensely
  13. Learned a lot of foods that seemed boring are actually quite fabulous (cabbage, pork chops, eggs, etc. )

I’m sure there’s much more but that’s all I can think up for now.


(57 yo female started keto Jul '19) #11

This! :smile: I now sometimes walk through stores like I won the war.

A better way to describe what I meant in item 15. I also read your other NSV’s: it indeed seems like we are metabolically similar in a lot of ways.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #12

:laughing: I love this!

(traci simpson) #13

TWINSIES!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!

(57 yo female started keto Jul '19) #14

I edited the OP to add a forgotten item:

  1. no need to shave arm pits

I lost hair in the third month after a period of weight loss. Loosing hair is a known phenomenon. After that I gained weight, but the hair does not seem to come back. Less hair for me is a plus :slight_smile:

(57 yo female started keto Jul '19) #15

I forgot about the animals:

  1. mosquito’s don’t like me anymore, and when they do bite, the swelling is much less and disappears much sooner
  2. both cats and dogs seem to like me more

:heart_eyes_cat: :dog2: