My Keto Progress Thread - 8 Months In

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You are welcome Honey. :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Similarly to the wife, I too am blaming that God-Forsaken Spiral Ham! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :slight_smile: … I actually expected another gain this week, just by the way I was feeling, but surprisingly I actually had a -1? Who knows, could have been even more then since the bounce-back usually adds to this. But again, we did eat some of that Ham, as well as going out to Texas Road House last night. So a negative result with all that, is definitely a positive. :wink: :smile:


Well, I was informed this morning that the scale was actually a little off yesterday, since when I moved it the other day, it wasn’t apparently flat and was wobbling some. (Not sure if it was sitting on something? My son found this while he was weighing) So both he and my wife re-weighed after adjusting it again and making sure it was level, and they both saw a lighter weight once leveled out. … So I went back down this morning with the wife and weighed again as my wife requested and it showed me to be about 1-1/2 pounds less. But told her that I wasn’t going back and changing yesterday’s number, since I know water weight comes into play and it wouldn’t be exactly accurate since it could have changed even more. :slight_smile: But should show correctly next week.

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You are still doing great Honey, proud of you as always


Thanks, Honey. :kissing_heart:

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Done that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sold! take the weight-loss when you get it.


Yeah, I know. :slight_smile: Just figured it would show in the next weigh in, which will also be 26 Weeks, or 6 Months on Keto. So hopefully it’s a good number to cap off the 1/2 year point. :slight_smile:

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Six months, great milestone there Dave. :crossed_fingers:


Well, we went over to our neighbor’s place as we do each year for Thanksgiving, and had a great time. (They live right behind us, across a 3 acre field, and have treated us like family since we moved in 12 years ago) Ate some good foods and had some good conversations with friends. As most know by now, I don’t like using the ‘Cheat’ phrase as is used so much here on this forum, but consider it a ‘Choice’ since it’s simply choosing to eat something that’s not necessarily Keto-Friendly. But in moderation. (I’ve always seen this as more of not snacking between meals, or eating stuff I know is just downright bad for us, i.e., candy or snacky foods in excess) But for the record, this Sunday will mark 6 months for me since going Keto, and I have not had any ‘cheats’ (by my meaning) snacking of any kind or eating Non-Keto-Friendly foods, or anything really bad.\

But I had some regular Ham, some Stuffed Ham (A Southern Maryland Favorite here, stuffed with Spinach and seasonings), had some Turkey, couple small portions of Yams (Sweet Potatoes) Sauerkraut and Cole Slaw. And even had seconds, which was close to the first, but some Seafood Salad I didn’t see the first go around. :slight_smile:

Just so no one misunderstands me, I just don’t like to hear folks talk about how they feel bad because they feel they’ve broken some kind of Keto Rule, that they ate something most here would consider to be taboo. I mean, yeah, I can see it if someone says they had a cheat because they decided to try a cookie, and ended up eating 2 or 3 dozen of them! Or they started eating just loads of Carby Foods. So yes, this would not good for you. But if you have one or two of something, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a choice folks, not a cheat. To indulge in the occasional food you haven’t been eating regularly is not something that makes you un-faithful in anyway to this WOE/WOL. As long as you make sure you control it, not the other way around. It’s just that I feel once one understands the Keto WOL and how to do it properly, you should also understand there’s nothing set in stone and you already have the knowledge needed to keep things going down the proper path, for you. :slight_smile:

I’m extremely glad my wife ‘V’ decided to have some mashed potatoes tonight with her meal at our neighbor’s place. Yes, she only had a very small amount, maybe 2 tbsp. give or take, but I’ve been trying to tell her she’s doing great so far and that this would not hurt her to do so. Hell, I would have actually loved to seen her eat a normal serving of it and let her see for herself how little it will effect things. Plus, she had already planned to fast once this meal was done, so I don’t think it will even come into play. :slight_smile: … Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Looks like a perfectly good Keto meal to me!


That It was indeed sir, thanks. … Also, I’ll be posting some more info on the Cheese Cakes I made this week too. I actually liked the Chocolate version I did for the wife, over the Pumpkin versions I did for my son and I. (Might need a bit of tweaking, but I don’t think too much. Maybe just the sweetness and Cinnamon content)

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I’ll be checking out that Chocolate version for sure!

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Agree with that, hell if I want something badly I’ll eat the bloody thing just to get the thought out of my head. Once that’s done I move on, if it causes a stall or weight to rise big deal, you just keep going and take it down. There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty about food. My attitude is I can eat what I want but too much of anything has consequences so have some control and you’ll get through it. Avoid stuff that really makes you lose it, and find alternatives.

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I never use that phrase either. My keto diet isn’t a game nor a spouse so why would “cheat” be a factor? It is a CHOICE. And sometimes I CHOOSE to eat a non-keto food and I know what the consequences are.

Like today. DH wanted Taco Hell. I do not like their taco salads - lettuce smells funny. I ordered (gasp) a beef crispy taco. ONE. 10 carbs so not blowing my day or macros. I was still hungry when we got home (no surprise there, but wasn’t going to eat another taco there). I pulled out my pimento cheese, leftover turkey and munched a bit and was happy until dinner.

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Add me to this camp. I get kinda obsessive and so I haven’t chosen to step outside the marked zones yet, but yeah, itt’s not cheating by any normal definition of the word, so it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Now, about the use of the word “fasting”…

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I don’t like the C word either. Though all dieters seem to like to use it. Every couple of weeks I choose to eat something with carbs (like Rosa’s famous home made tamales - guess I have to wait for Christmas for those. @juice ) But I do (somewhat) employ @PaulL’s method of delayed gratification. If I want something today, I tell myself to wait until tomorrow.

("It's not any kind of 'flu,' it's a full-body carb-withdrawal tantrum" - petamarie, 2019) #139

“Carbs” is a “c word.” #justsayin

Also, the OTHER c-word isn’t typable in this forum. Unless you know the way to get around it :slight_smile:

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Ok - I put in a plea for “Let’s all get along.” That guy is being a nut, to put it mildly. He is telling everyone to read the damn thread. But, he is no worse than other pro-carb nuts. Hell, I have earned “mod lounge” honors. Just trying to do my job. I do not believe he is a troll - just on the wrong website trying to do research.