My Keto Progress Thread - 8 Months In

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It’s just My Fitness Pal. I’ve used it for a long time so I can go back years to see previous weights.


No problem, anytime. … And sorry for not seeing your post until now. :wink:

I’ll give you a call shortly, still running around this morning. Love ya…

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Love you too


I always wondered where some folks got those from. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Great progress @Digital_Dave.

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Amazing progress. It looks like you started fasting 6 weeks in, what prompted you to start fasting? Did you wait until you felt you were fat adapted? Just curious as I haven’t fasted yet but I am sure that I will.


Thanks, appreciate it. … As far as the fasting, my first wasn’t really planned. I took my wife out to a Casino, and just wasn’t hungry, so didn’t eat when we stopped to grab a bite before going in. … So the next day, I didn’t eat until later, and it ended up being 36 hrs. (But, I also did this quite a bit before Keto, so it wasn’t a problem)

But I decided to try a longer one, just to see, since I wasn’t hungry on the smaller one. I was able to go 72 hrs. with no problems, and could have gone longer, but didn’t want to push it too hard on the first ones, since I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues breaking the fast or re-feeding. … Since then, I’ve never had a problem whenever fasting, and have never broke on from being hungry. But I also put a 5-day limit on myself from the start. No particular reason, just didn’t feel I needed to go further, plus I do miss eating good meals. :slight_smile:


Another quick update at Week 22. … (Just 2 more weeks before my 6-Month Keto check-in) :slight_smile:

So, as you say @Janie, I have indeed moved the big weight over this week. Now to work on that little bastard on the sliding rail below it! :smile: But down a couple more this week, and I actually ate throughout this week too, which did at times felt forced. … I swear it seems harder for me to not fast, instead of the other way around.

(Jane) #89

Wow. 70 lbs in 6 months - amazing!


Thanks, Jane. :slight_smile: - I actually have 2 more weeks to officially hit that 6 month mark, so with any luck, I’m hoping to tack onto that number if possible. :slight_smile:

Plan on putting in a couple nice meals today to cap off the weekend, and for possible fasting this coming week? I know I originally said I was going to pass for the rest of this month, being I’ve been fasting so much lately. But I’m really missing it when I’m not. … As mentioned above, it seems to be harder for me to not fast anymore. Or maybe I should just look into doing some smaller ones from time to time? (3-Days, instead of weeklong?) But going through the work-week fasting is damn nice though. :slight_smile:


Also, I wanted to note this in here, that I will be trying out something for the next couple weeks…

A while back I intensionally cut back on the amount of water (or liquids in general) that I was drinking each day. (Hoping this would help with not flushing out electrolytes, which I think may have helped some when it comes to cramping legs at night, etc.) But I can’t actually say if this has been helpful overall? Now I’m wondering if this is effecting me in any other ways? - i.e., like not helping with digestion, system cleansing, etc. - I have noticed some differences in these areas lately, nothing bad, but definitely differences. (some occasional gassiness, bloat feeling more often, etc. Things that I noticed less of after first going Keto or a short while later, but seems some of these have returned somewhat in the past, say, 6-8 weeks?) This is not a regular thing mind you, but the last couple months, I’m now seeing these things slowly creeping back in? :thinking: So it’s got me thinking…

I seem to get real thirsty after meals sometimes, and I can’t recall getting dry mouth as much on days when I’m eating meals, (whether OMAD or TMAD, etc.) but mostly only seeing this when I’m fasting now? (Or, at least that I can recall) … Though I do tend to get slight dry mouth each night around the time I’m going to bed most nights, but this may be just me not drinking as much before bed? … So to the best of my knowledge, I’ve been drinking around 60-70 oz. or so a day presently, or around a 1/2 gallon or so each day. … I have a 20 oz. insulated water bottle I carry everywhere, and I will be shooting for drinking at least 6 to 7 each day, which is still under what I used to drink. But there’s been some days , where I don’t think I get 2 or 3 bottles in?

So for recording purposes, I estimate I was drinking 1-1/2 - 2 gallons+ of water for the first 2-3 months on Keto.
I then cut that back to about 1/2 gallon to 3/4 some days, but finding I may be getting less than 1/2 some days.
For the next 2-3 weeks, I will keep count & shoot for a minimum of 6 bottles, which will put me near 120 oz.

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Good job Honey :slight_smile:


Thanks :wink:

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You’re welcome :kissing_heart:

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I’ll share with you my secret weapon for keeping cramps and electrolytes under control. I found these little beauties at the local Coles supermarket but you could probably find something similar where you live or order it online?

Pop a tablet in a 500-600ml bottle and down it after strenuous exercise (especially if you are sweating a lot). That plus a generous 70g of Spinach at dinner, fixes moods, definitely sorts cramps, and my wife is now a believer. I used to take this sort of sport supplement when I was playing competitive Basketball but took me a while to find an equivalent. Its tastes a bit like gatorade quite low carb (0.8) per tablet. You can drink three a day if necessary but I just have one every-time I do my walks.

Keep the fluids up Dave, its a myth about not drinking water. On hot days I’ll drink 2litres of plain water on average, colder maybe 1.2L somewhere there.

I think @juice Mic mentioned another electrolyte mix that works for him but I haven’t seen it yet.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #96

This is what I use, but again, prob only useful for Aussies (and maybe Kiwis, but who cares about them, really?).

I make it up in 2l batches with zero-carb cordial.

(Terence Dean) #97

Do you get them online or from Woolies?

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #98

Pretty sure you can only get them online. I just bought 4kg (one pack is for friends), waiting for it to arrive.

(Terence Dean) #99

Right, well I get those GO Hydro tabs from Coles for about $14 (a tube of 20 tabs), it’ll cost $18 to get them online which I’ll do if they don’t keep the price down. I may try your stuff out to see if it does the job. I know these do but always good to know alternatives.

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #100

You can make about 123 or so litres from a kilo of the powder (so about 60+ 2l jugs worth). I use about 80ml of the zero-carb cordial for each 2l jug, so if I bought 1kg of the electrolyte powder at a time and made it up with the cordial, it would be just under $1/l according to my calcs.

(Shipping is flat-rate, so buying more than one brings down the overall cost, and they just had a 10% off sale over the weekend, but I like worst-case cost scenarios when mapping things out :slight_smile:

Sorry for rabbiting on all over your thread, Dave :slight_smile: