My Keto Progress Thread - 6 Months (and a bit, by now) Update


Glad you are feeling better. Everyone was eating extra pickles to make up for the ones you weren’t eating😜

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Glad you’re back. You were missed!


Thank you kindly, ladies. Missed everyone myself. And glad the pickle count was being taken care of. :smile: … Believe me, I wish I had some while in there. The food was not very good, if I’m honest. I mean, I know Hospital food is not known for being that good to begin with, but a few of the plates were just terrible. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I’m guessing they used actual plates and not the whole tray, thus the critique.


Let’s just say the plate itself would have tasted better than a few of the dishes they served. I remember my wife getting some really decent meals at the Hospital she was at some years back, but this one wasn’t anywhere near that. … And the bad thing was, I had to put stuff in my system to get out of there. :woozy_face:

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Glad you are home and on the mend!!!


Thank you Ma’am, same here. :slight_smile:


Week 33: Well, I wasn’t really sure what to expect for this weeks weigh-in, especially since I spent those 6 days in the Hospital due to the Emergency Surgery for the Hernia’s. But especially since I pretty much only ate carby stuff when they provided meals. - But honestly, I didn’t care about that. I knew I had to put something in my system, just to get stuff going back through, and was planning to get right back to Keto once home. … But, either the nearly 6 days fasted during that time, or what has followed since helped some? Because I’m actually down another couple pounds this week. (Which is basically a plus at this point) … So I’ll take it for what I can.


To show some of the Carby-Meals I ate the two days before leaving the Hospital, following the surgery, here’s some pics of those meals. (They really didn’t offer anything Keto-Friendly, so I just picked what I thought best.

Started me on clear liquids. Chicken Broth, Coffee, Jello & Apple Juice. Didn’t drink Apple Juice.

Had two more liquid meals, and basically the same, but Beef instead of Chicken broth…

Then Breakfast the next day when I requested solids. Told them I would be fine and needed something solid for the system to fully get to working, and they agreed. Also had milk, but thought the information for this little box of 1% milk was quite funny. Look at those Carbs for just 8oz.!

Lunch was Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Cream Clam/Oyster? Can’t recall, but there wasn’t anything in it, just like gravy. Plus Chocolate Pudding… Didn’t eat the Carrots.

Next was a very flat Sloppy Joe (But didn’t taste that bad really) and some chopped Potatoes, and Orange Sherbert, which also wasn’t too bad.

Breakfast again was Scrambled Eggs, Raisin Bread/Toast and Coffee. I declined anything else offered.

Last meal before running out of there! VERY dry Chicken piece, Mushrooms with Gravy over Rice. Didn’t eat the rice, since I don’t really like Rice. Salad with Lime Sherbert and Mini-GingerAle.

Again, I didn’t caring much about not eating Keto while there, just wanting to get by all this. But to be honest, a couple things weren’t too bad, but may have been influenced more due to not having some of these things in quite some time. But they would really benefit from trying to make some of it a bit better. It’s hard when you can’t get out to get stuff, and the food served is sub-par at best. Just sucks for the patient.

But I did and do appreciate everything they did for me while I was in the Hospital, and believe that they did a great job at that. Not to mention everyone there was extremely nice and was a joy to work with. Couldn’t have asked for anything more on that account. :slight_smile: … And here’s a quick pic of the where all the trouble took place. Said they did quite a bit through this area and spent nearly two hours straightening things up in there. :slight_smile:

And yes, my stomach still itches!!! :grimacing:


Welcome back. Worked as a hospital nurse for years (went back to animals, though). Your meals make me sad but your incision looks terrific!! Hope you mend quickly and feel better for having gone through it.


Thanks. :slight_smile: And yeah, I think they did a pretty good job with it. - That pic was taken a couple days after surgery, first time checking the bandages and still had some swelling and tape marks. … Here’s an update as of today. Looks to be healing nicely, now if my hair will just hurry and grow back, maybe the itching will stop. :smile:

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Can you put a percentage on the improvement there?


My life 100% improved when I left nursing and humans and went back to caring for animals…

Wait…is that what you’re asking? :rofl:

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Love seeing your progress chart, Dave. It gives me hope and motivation. We both started at the same initial weight, but I am several months behind you, so it’s nice to see the kind of success that can be achieved.

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The grilled cheese sandwich??


Thanks, John. Glad it’s helpful. :slight_smile: … I just try to keep it simple, mainly trying to keep carbs to around 15 net & basically eat OMAD, with the occasional 2nd meal thrown in. As well as some fasting when I can. :slight_smile:

Um, actually… the Grilled Cheese Sandwich was quite hard, but was mediocre at best. :flushed: … Actually, the Sloppy Joe wasn’t bad, but maybe because the bread was fresh and soft? But they also didn’t put much meat, so it was something like 80% bread, when it should be at least 50/50 or 60/40, with the lean toward meat. :slight_smile:

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Now that would definitely be considered ‘Hidden Carbs’ :laughing: