My Keto Progress Thread - 6 Months (and a bit, by now) Update

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Thanks for the update and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

And if anyone could fast while recovering in the hospital it would be @Digital_Dave :laughing:

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Best wishes Dave for a speedy recovery.


Hope you feel better! Thanks Virginia for letting us know.

Be well.


How’s it going? I hope you’re fast on the mend, Dave. Those pickle farmers are getting nervous.

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I thought Dave had been a little quiet of late. Sorry to hear about the issues, but wishing you all the best. I will try my best to cover your pickle consumption :wink:

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Hi everyone, Dave is doing great. In fact every hour he is walking the hospital floors doing laps for a half hour at a time because it is driving him crazy just sitting and laying around. I took his work laptop over to him hoping his would be able to sign in and chat with you all, but he was having log-in issues so I had to bring it back home. Just wanted to thank you all so much for the well wishes. I wrote down all your comments to take over to him so he can read them. Sorry I didn’t get back to everyone sooner, just been doing a lot of running. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and well wishes.

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Nobody better.

TBF, it’s a very short trip.

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Sounds great Virginia. I can just imagine how stir crazy it must be making him.

I do hope they’re feeding him keto-friendly hospital food!

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Tell Dave that Eric from Richmond sends well wishes and man love. Get well.


Thank you very kindly, everyone! :slight_smile: Much appreciate all the kind words, and or jabs. :smile:

I am now currently back at home, after spending 6 very long days in the Hospital for those funky Hernia issues and I’m just hoping they are all repaired nicely now. - Even after going over there the first time, I made a few comments on here that I wasn’t sure if my stomach was still right, and apparently that turned out to be the case. So it turned out that though Hernia had retracted the week before, it was still not fully functional, and was indeed strangulated, not allowing any passage of materials. … But at least this has been addressed now, even though I was hoping to make it April or so, basically sometime after winter. But glad it is done too. The folks there were all very good to me and I don’t think I could have asked for better group of folks for this.

Other than the above, there isn’t much to report. Everything looks and feels great, so I’m hoping it continues to heal up as it appears to already been doing. … I of course didn’t get to weigh in Sunday morning, since I was laid up in the Hospital, but I actually just checked after getting home and showering up, and the scale shows 235.5, which is still a 2 lbs. less the previous Sunday weigh in I did back on 12-30-18. But again, this is also later in the afternoon, and after 6 days of fluids being pushed into me, so I know this is not really accurate. But I just figured to check and also just throw a number in the spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, they did not have many choices when it came to LCHF eating, and to be honest, I didn’t really care about that. - After having to have this surgery done in this manner, I just wanted to put something in my system to help get it ramped back up and working ASAP, so I could simply come back home. - I planned to go right back to Keto as soon as it was over, but for some reason I had thought this might actually be an issue, and kind-of had the feeling it might add extra days to my stay, which sadly is did indeed. … I even explained this to the surgeon, letting her know that folks doing LCHF, sometimes go more days longer between restroom breaks, and I think she started to agree with me towards the end, because she also thought I should have had produced a bowel movement a couple days before I did. But I also mentioned it had been 135 hrs. since last eating anything solid, so there wasn’t much in there to begin with. … I had not planned it, but with my stomach bothering me those last few days, I chose not to eat anything, so as to not add to the issue. I ended up being fasted 48 hrs. when I went into the hospital, and stayed Fasted until nearly 6 days total. (Funny thing was, everyone there kept telling me the number one complaint they get from patients, was not being able to eat. :slight_smile: When they asked, I just kept telling them nope, not hungry or thirsty, so I think Fasting really helped with this.)

Well, plan on eating some good food tonight and laying back some. Not going back to work til January 21, so will definitely catch up with everyone, and even post some of the junk I did eat. :slight_smile: … But I can say that I think I spoke with every person who works in that section of the Hospital wing, and 90% was from them coming to me, after speaking with a co-worker, who mentioned I was living a Keto WOL/WOE and were informed that I had lost around 85 lbs. in the past 7 months. They all seemed very interested in talking about it with me, so we did just that, and it did help pass the time. … And a lot of them said they would be looking into it, because they feel this could be a Diet they could live with. - I just reminded them most didn’t see it as a Diet, but a WOL/WOE, and this is why most can stick to it more-so because of this. :slight_smile:

Thanks again all! :slight_smile:

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Sorry about the jabs if that’s how they were perceived but you’ll find, if you don’t already know, that Australian’s and Kiwis will take the piss out of anything. We’re irreverent, anti-authoritarian, speak our minds, and are not politically correct for the most part. [Insert sense of humour here]. :wink: But if you’re a friend and in trouble we’re the first there.

Bloody fantastic Dave you’re back on deck mate, and its good to read the recovery is going well. The fact that you are fat adapted may have helped with you being able to get through the whole ordeal of fasting for so long, well done!

Also great to read that you shared your experience with many of the hospital staff about the benefits of Ketogenics, way to go. Put yer feet up and welcome back!

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He’d wonder what was wrong if we didn’t do that :slight_smile:

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Welcome back Dave. To glad to hear you are on the mend.


No worries and thanks, guys. And yep, appreciate those jabs just as much as anything else. :slight_smile:

Just good to be back home and hoping to mend as fast as possible. … Just being back at home is the first step, but I also know there will be some time needed to get things back to proper working order. - Overall I feel pretty good, though I do have some soreness still which is to be expected. But I’m hoping the this gets better over the next week or so, or at least before going back to work on the 21st.

Just sucks with all this sitting around, which is all I did while in the Hospital. I have a handful of soccer games that recorded while I was gone, but I’ll have them watched by the end of the day probably. :expressionless:

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Welcome back @Digital_Dave, hope you’re fighting fit again soon and find someway to pass the time.

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Hello Dave, Nice to hear from you.


Welcome back. You’ll just have to spend the time catching up on all the forum activity while you were gone!

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Thanks everyone. And yep, getting caught up on threads and everything else is definitely on the books. … Just doing it a little at a time, between resting up. :slight_smile: