My Keto Progress Thread - 6 Months (and a bit, by now) Update


Thanks, Eric. I pretty much started out OMAD from the start, since I was actually eating this way before Keto. (which back then, wasn’t a good thing) But actually did my first EF at 6 weeks in, and by accident as well.

I just wasn’t hungry, like most days, and realized it was the day after before I actually ate anything. (I decided to also start recording these on the spreadsheet as well, which I’m glad I did). After that I just decided to try some longer fast, and found them to come pretty easy for me, as well as quite enjoyable. :slight_smile: … I found that I liked the empty feeling you get, as well as the boost of energy. So yeah, I been doing them ever since. But at times I have to force myself not to over-do them, such as every week, all week, etc. Plus, I do enjoy meals as well, so start missing just eating a nice meal. :slight_smile: But I can’t recall ever breaking a fast due to hunger.

The biggest thing I try to make sure I do, no matter what it relates to, is to keep things changing. Whether it’s my meals per day, timing of said meals, fasting times or durations. This seems to be the most helpful overall.


Just about to make the last Cheese Cake for the Holidays, which just happens to be for my little Christmas Nut herself. :smile: … But had an idea for something I want to try, so wanted to note it down here as to not forget. … CCCC - Just need to look into some possibly ingredients.

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Dave, my oldest is a little similar. She when keto on July 4th this year. I used to tell her “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Blah, blah, blah. Just the junk I had been taught. She went into IF 18/6 and OMAD instantly. She has lost 40 lbs and fixed some metabolic conditions in 5 months. wOOt.

I’ve struggled a lot more than she has but I have 50+ years of derangement to fix. Have a great holiday.


Cool, I’m glad she is doing so well. :slight_smile: … And yep, we’ve been told that about Breakfast for some time now haven’t we. :slight_smile: … I was never too much on eating early myself, especially on an every day basis. Weekends sure, we do so more often & have more time, but find most times it’s around mid-day, not within the first hour of waking.

But yep, for me, the OMAD and occasional second meal thrown in once or maybe twice a week seems to work best for me. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I could even try to get three meals in presently? If so, I would probably well over-eat or just be forcing it 90% of the time. Hell, I’m not hungry now, with just eating the 1 or 2 meals?

You have a great Holiday as well! … We have a Turkey Breast we will be putting on the Rotisserie, since I’m using up most of the fridge space for orders. - The wife actually has a 25 lb. turkey in the deep freezer down in the basement, but no room presently to keep it up stairs. My fridge down in the basement started acting up not long ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. So we just kept the big bird in the freezer until after the Holidays.

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Congratulations Dave, yes its great when you get down to weight levels that you never thought you’d see again. It’s such a powerful way to control weight, and also the other NSV benefits.


Well, just ended an unintentional 44 hr. Fast. … We actually ate Christmas Dinner a little later then I like Tuesday night, at 8pm, but the next day my hernia was acting up some. - Normally if/when it pushes out, I can simply push it back in. But the past couple days, it wasn’t haven’t it. - So I decided to skip the day from eating, as to not add to the issue and I wasn’t hungry anyway. But then last night and today, it still wouldn’t cooperate and was actually starting to get a little sore from being protruded. … So to be on the safe side, I just got back from the ER, having it checked out since our Doctor is out of town presently. (And the urgent cares nearby are not very good.)

So anyway, I sat in the ER room for about an hour, and I swear, not 3 minutes before they came out to take me back, my stomach grumbled for a second or two, and just as I started to put my hand on it, the hernia retracted on it’s own. :flushed: … So yep, it just fixed itself before being seen. But figured while there, I would at least have someone take a look, just to be on the safe side. (And I was already there!)

I had planned on scheduling something after Winter, around April or so, to have it look at and see about getting it fixed. But I think I will looking into it even sooner just in case this is a sign of it getting worse. :confused:

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Seems sensible. Also, you know how to fix it next time - just go sit there for a bit :slight_smile:


Yeah, normally, it doesn’t take too much. (Yep, it’s happened a few times over the years, but this time it didn’t seem like it was going to retract at all, so went to get checked to make sure something else hadn’t happened)


Sounds like you got yourself into a bit of a pickle!

Glad it sorted itself out though.

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Glad you got it sorted ok. These things will happen at the worst of times when everything is closed, right smack in the middle of holiday season. Must be a variation of Murphy’s Law. :rofl:


Thanks, Guys. Yeah Gaff, this particular Pickle has been around for a while, and over the years just got a little worse. But like I said I did have plans to going to see someone about it. But was hoping to get through the winter first. … Just because it’s easier for my scheduling.

That does seem to happen when it comes to Murphy’s Law. But I did give it a couple days to settle down, but also know it’s nothing to play with. I’ve known a few folks who have dealt with Hernia’s, and a couple who did wait too long and ended up having to do some things to get it corrected. Also, this sometimes limits what can be done at that point, or simply limits options you may have wanted to pursue? … Will be watching it til then.


Week 31: Actually, I’m feeling quite well considering the past week with the stupid Hernia issue. But didn’t see much of a change this week, but that wasn’t unexpected. (Just a .5 lb. difference) - Though I think all’s well with the stomach now, I can say that though I don’t feel bloated or anything, I feel like the last 4 meals or so are still with me. Since there hasn’t been much cycling going on, if ya know what I mean. Not trying to get into TMI.

But either way, it wasn’t too bad considering it was still actually over the Holidays. And even without the Hernia issue, I could have easily seen a worse number. … But hoping my system is back in order here soon.

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Yeah, well, that was unsuccessful :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, this is Virginia (Dave’s wife). He went to the hospital about 8 am Friday morning and they ended up doing surgery on him at 7 pm. The doctor said all went well and he will probably be there for a few days. I just got home a short time ago and he texts me and asked me to post that even though he had surgery, he is still fasting and currently is at 55 1/2 hours. He is looking forward to catching up with everyone when he returns.

And there were actually 3 Hernia’s, the one large and two small.

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Bloody hell, it’s like his food plates, one is never enough…

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Thanks Virginia. Wishing you a speedy recovery Dave.

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Holy shit, still fasting???!! Thank goodness for that!! He’s got another 45 hours to break the forum record!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

FFS, what are his ketone levels like? :rofl: Wish him well from us crazies…lol.

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Send get wells along to Dave from me please.

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Keto boy, Still fasting!! Inspired!! Get Well Soon Dave.