My Keto Progress Thread - 6 Months (and a bit, by now) Update

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Please people!


Can you blur “honey”? I miss it.


Not a problem little bee. No more Honey for you! :smile:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #203



Been rainy, which is nothing new recently! … But also took Shelby to the vet today… Maybe Pups gain weight on Keto? She’s 4 1/2 lbs. heavier now! :smile:

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This is Kimba.
She’s getting fatter too, because some keto guy keeps giving her bones, and greasy plates to lick.
Kimba loves keto.


Yeah, seems they don’t care if it’s Keto or not, but think they are getting even more now that it is. (If that’s possible!) :slight_smile: Nice looking pup too.


Week 29: Well, I did indeed see somewhat of a bounce-back as I kind-of expected, since I usually see this whenever I have a ‘gain’ on the previous weekly weigh-in? - But again, these gain weeks have only happened 4 times now since I started, and 3 of these 4, I’ve seen a larger number follow when compared to the average? (I’m really thinking these gain weeks might indeed just be water retention itself? Possibly cells filling with water, and being part of the ‘Whoosh’ effect you hear about from time to time? … I’ve wondered if these gains were from something particular I’d eaten that week, causing me to gain instead of lose? But if that were so, I can’t explain these ‘Bounce-Backs’ “as I’ve been referring to them”, in any other way, or as anything other than this?

In my thinking, and yes, this is just conjecture… but if I were gaining weight those weeks from just eating certain food items, or certain amounts of food items, to me this should just be weight gains in general. If this were so, I should then only be seeing nominal weight losses for the week following. (But I’m not) 3 of the 4 times this has happened, I’ve seen a larger than normal number the following week, which leads me to believe the additional weight from the week before may indeed just be water weight, since it seems to get included ‘most-times’ in the totals for the following week? - At least this is how it seems, according to the numbers I’m seeing… If anyone else has a better reasoning for this, I would love to hear it because it doesn’t seem to make sense any other way for me? :confused:

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Yeah hard to know why our weight fluctuates like this or appears to, it may just be because you’ve weighed yourself at a particular time. Like the other day when 3 hours later, with no exercise or significant activity I lose 0.4kg, and yet on other days I’ll go 8 hours without any change at all.

Or it could be as Phinney & Volek say, “You are what you save from what you eat”.


Dunno? I just find it quite strange how these bumps up are usually followed by a larger than normal drop on the following week? … I don’t really pay it much mind though, but it would be nice to know. :slight_smile:

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Awe, she is cute, like the name too. :slight_smile:

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See, I told you it would be a good week. :slight_smile: Good job Honey. :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:


Yeah, but you say that every week. :smile: … But thanks… :kissing_heart:

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No I don’t… lol But you’re welcome.:kissing_heart:


Someone sent me this today, thinking it was fitting for the Keto site. :smile:


That would be highly effective for me, I’d never be naughty ever again. If I’m really nice does Santa give me even more bacon?


Not if I get to it first! :smile:

I’ve never done it mind you, but would love to sit down with a Big Ole’ Bowl of just Bacon and have at it! :yum:

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@Digital_Dave Amazing Progress, Incredible Work, I like the way you presenting the detail loss chart, All the best!!


Thank you @MyLoveMyLife. Just enjoying this WOE/WOL, and best thing, it doesn’t really feel like work. :slight_smile: And yep, figured to put the chart together for tracking purposes, but it also helps me keep things mixed up. By adding the info in the last column, I keep track of Fasting, Eating patterns, etc. … Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Week 30: Well, I wasn’t sure how this week went, not feeling that I did good or bad? But turns out it wasn’t too bad. Down a few more pounds, so maybe it was the combination of a couple smaller Fast, and then mostly OMAD between. (I don’t usually do smaller Fast, but something came up and I only ate a couple meals before going right back for another. … But at least I’m happy to say good-bye to the 240’s now. :slight_smile: Can’t tell ya how long it’s been since I was about this weight, 20 years maybe? :slight_smile:

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Dave - wow. Great progress. I started 3 weeks later than you and have lost just 28 lbs. But I started strength training so I can see lean muscle mass that was not there before.

How long have you been doing EF?