My first video! Meat MikeD

(Michael) #1

Happy for comments and feedback, be kind, I am new to this!

I guess you get to see my after photo, just for comparison, here is my before (I am the one on the left if you couldn’t tell)

(Geoffrey) #2

I thought you did a really good job. You spoke well and your presentation was good. The only critique I would make is turn your phone sideways.

As for the meat, I’ve never had lungs and I’d be willing to try them but I’d rather have someone else cook them the first time. They just don’t look appetizing to me. I’ve had plenty of tripe in the form of menudo. I have eaten tongue but wasn’t a big fan. I eat a lot of liver, heart, sweetbreads and I’ve eaten a lot of calf fries which I harvested myself but that’s the extent of my organ eating.
What is your channel? I didn’t catch it.

(Michael) #3

Went with Meat MikeD for the handle. This is my first attempt at a video. My plan is to start with the organs one by one for now, when I can. Will probably do bone broth and tallow and lard as well. Not looking to make money or become famous, just to get some how to videos out there for more nose to tail carnivores, or for those who are interested.
Thank you for the feedback, I am sure your suggestions are good and that I have a lot of things I could improve upon, practice and experience also improve the product.

(KM) #4

Where are you located? In the US it’s illegal to buy animal lungs.

(Geoffrey) #5

That’s interesting. Do you know the reason why?
Since I raise my own sheep I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with me keeping my own?

(Bob) #6

I appreciated the Vitamin C info and left you a comment there.

(KM) #7

From this NY Times article:

When the Department of Agriculture proposed the rule (to ban sale of lungs) in 1969, it purported to protect people from eating things like dust, flower pollen and fungal spores that animals (including humans) inhale.

The rule was based on studies conducted around 1970 in which pathologists at the Department of Agriculture cut open the branching airways of animal lungs to study them much more deeply than in a typical post-mortem examination. The pathologists found those inhaled airborne particulates. They also found stomach contents, which may have refluxed up the animals’ esophagi and into their airways before or after death.

I’m not sure the link will work for you, but the article is basically an opinion piece arguing against the ban, stating that there’s really no evidence of these things being problematic to ingest in the first place.

(Michael) #8

I am in Canada where it is also illegal to sell lungs. Thankfully not illegal to buy them if a (middle eastern) store is willing to sell them.

(Doug) #9

Our sheep loved to smoke. And they wore sunglasses.