My first fat fast

(Cheyenne) #1

So I fell way off the wagon worse than Thanksgiving. I was finally fasting up to 20 hours and broke through months long stall. Between Christmas, my sons first birthday dec 17th, and new years. I’ve been gorging on sugar and carbs like no other. I cant get enough of the carbs, especially sugar…I’ve been doing keto since around April and have lost a significant amount of weight. From 180 to 135. My goal is 120. I can no longer seem to fast and keep telling myself kcko, and you can start keto now in this moment. I’m a stress eater and have two young babies, and a lot of family stress. So everytime I get stressed out (especially at night with a teething one year old) I’ll mindlessly will gorge on sugar and treats. I won’t even realize the full extent until after I really wake up and say “oh god, did i really chomp down on all that” (wrappers on my nightstand) So this is like day 10 of non stop carb binging and 20 lb weight gain and it’s the hardest cheat to get back on track from. (I’ve had quite a few cheats, single days and Thanksgiving 5 days) I hope a fat fast will help me get back to it. I’m looking for pointers, recipes, or anything that may help me have a successful fat fast. (I’m aiming for 5 days and today is day 1) I appreciate any advice and sorry this post was so long.

(John) #2

Get rid of all sugar and treats from your home, so that when you are in “mindless” mode instead of mindful mode, there is nothing there for you to wreck yourself with.


Hugs to you. I have twins, so I fully appreciate stress from little ones…especially when they are teething and/or not sleeping.

I binged and went way off keto for a week and ended it the day after Christmas. I gained back a bunch of weight too. What helped me was to really just get back to eating how I knew would make me feel better. Also be kind to yourself. Having a negative inner talk does no good. Dust yourself off and remember the hardest part is just starting! Once your had your first keto meal, you’ve already started. See? Then just continue with the positive momentum. One meal turned into a day of good keto food, then 2 days, then a week and before you know it the binge is far in the past.
Fasting to start after binging is too much for me. You could have great results from that though, its just been my experience I like to work my way back to fasting.

(Cheyenne) #4

I would love to do that, unfortunately I live with others and they would be soooooo mad lol. They hate wasteing food as well and don’t really approve keto and judge me saying it’s not healthy, but will try to say oh one little cheat won’t hurt or one bite of cookie won’t hurt. Now look at me, it does hurt me.

(Cheyenne) #5

Right I end up binging too! I was getting so good at fasting. I simply cant fast after a cheat. I will take your tip in mind. I pray I can get away from this sugar. It’s also made my chest hurt as much as I’ve been eating it. Before keto i only ate sugar from fruit and that was years of eating like that. So it’s really unlike me to eat so much processed sugar.

(John) #6

So you have others trying to sabotage you all the time. Well, that’s going to take some extra effort on your part. Good luck with the battle.

(Cheyenne) #7

Thanks. I’ll keep fighting.

(Rebecca) #8

What about having some fat bombs around for when you want to snack? If you can’t just get rid of snacks, at least try to replace them with something keto.

I try to keep homemade peanut butter cups in the freezer (I make 3 dozen at a time), and some coconut fat bombs in the fridge.

Just put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I have 4 kids (8, 5, 2, 4 months), so I get the “mom life” thing.

You can do this!

(Karen) #9

I’ve done a number of fat fasts. I use a block of cream cheese every day for three days. Starting at 10 o’clock morning to 6 o’clock at night.
1 ounce every hour.

(Cheyenne) #10

Thanks so much! I will try to make some better bombs. I tried coco it oil ones a few times and they all made me sick to my stomach trying to eat them. I didnt like the texture when the oil melted in my mouth.

(Cheyenne) #11

Great idea thank you. I’ve got about 4 blocks I’m my mini fridge.

(Rebecca) #12

I have a recipe for coconut fat bombs, they use a bit of coconut oil, but are primarily shredded coconut and cream cheese.

(Jane) #13

I did this also last summer after @Keto6468 recommended it. It was my very first fast and I made it 3 days without much effort. I think it would be a great way to flush the carbs out w/o being too miserable.


This certainly satisfies my sweet tooth and in fact I just ate some just now after a 3-day water fast — simple Swerve Sweetened pecans.

—1 teaspoon of Swerve (ethritotol) brown sugar
— One third (more or less) stick of butter
— One pinch of salt
— just a dab of almond extract (sugar free)
— just a dab of vanilla extract (sugar free)
—a handful of pecan halves or pieces

Microwave for 1 min., 40 sec.
Stir real good because there will be a good bit of hot liquid from the butter. Allow to cool for several minutes. Very hot, will burn your tongue (I know, twice)

Does not upset my stomach and kills my sugar craving as dead as a Baby Ruth bar floating in a swimming pool.

Swerve has 5 carbs of sugar alcohol and 5 carbs of pecans. That’s 10 total carbs and I guess 5 net carbs if you go that route.

I use this as a rare sugar crave killer, maybe one every two weeks or so. Some will argue against Swerve and similar sugar alcohols but when that sugar itch hits, well, it’s better than that Baby Ruth.

(Lisa ) #15

Oh my that sounds amazingly good!!

(Cheyenne) #16

Sounds really good thank you